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Started by Aurora Borealis, February 20, 2010, 02:17:23 am

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Quote from: Chocofreak13 on August 27, 2011, 10:26:50 pm
which would fit, given that yggdrasil is mythological. :3

what sort of relationship did NeXTSTEP have with the macs? (who did she interact with and in what context? what, if any, relation does she have with them? [adopted? 'blood brother'?] was she involved in the OSwars in any way? what does she think of the windows-tans?)

IRL: NeXTSTEP is the super-direct ancestor of OSX. The mother or grandmother, so to speak. (OSX's family tree goes like: Bell Labs Unix (1969) -> BSD (1970s) -> Mach kernel (1980s[?]) -> NeXTSTEP -> Darwin -> Rhapsody/OSX Server -> OSX)

In the OS-tanverse: Well, I see NeXTSTEP as the mother of Rhapsody-tan and grandmother of the OSXen, but Aurora might disagree with me on this one.


then it's up to the story to intrepret it?

Aurora Borealis

I agree, Bella.

NeXTSTEP-tan allied with the Mac-tans at the end of the OS Wars, and the Macs promised that NeXT's descendants will be their successors because the Classic Macs knew that their bloodline couldn't last much longer and didn't want their faction to fall with it. I originally thought of NeXTSTEP being Rhapsody's older sister, but on second thought, her being Rhapsody's mother fits better and adds another great- to UNIX's great-great-grandmother status to OSX. :P

However I see Darwin as being one of Rhapsody's daughters.

I don't think she would have been very involved in the OS Wars, but was possibly involved in the Unix Wars. She wasn't meant to compete with either Windows or the Macs. What she knows of the Windows-tans might be second-hand info from the Macs, which may be contradictory, like so:

"We need to be diplomatic with the Windows-tans--"
"After what they did to us?! Are you f***ing stupid?!"
"The way to achieve peace between the factions is SUPERIOR FIREPOWER! Intimidate them into submission!"
"Let's discuss matters with them over a cup of tea."
"uhh... 7.5-san, what's the shotgun for?!"
"But but but--- XP-san is my drinking buddy!"
"I love ME-tan! Our love can bridge the gap between our waring families!"

NeXTSTEP: Uhh... I'd rather not get involved. x__X


i love that last mac quote so much. xD


To Aurora - is there any way you could send me those annex avatars you made? I went back to find some (to use as reference pics) and all the photobucket links are broken. And none of the ones I'm looking for are on the wiki either. : /

Aurora Borealis

Any in particular you're looking for?


Mostly CDC, IBM and various other mainframe-tans.

At the moment though, I kind of need the System/360 OS-tan avis to use as references - TOS and BOS in particular. (I forget if you ever made avatars for OS/- or DOS/360.)

Aurora Borealis

I made one of OS/360, but not DOS/360. I'll get them for you.


Okay, I wasn't sure. ^^; Thanks.

Aurora Borealis

Here's a compilation of most of the mainframes with avatars:

Of the /360-tans, there are avatars for TOS/360 (the one with the knife- but I prefer your wilder-and-shorter-haired rendition), OS/360 and BOS/360. 


Thanks so much Aurora! This is really helpful. : )


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Quote from: Aurora Borealis on August 27, 2011, 11:31:51 pm
I agree, Bella.

As do I. I also like the NEXTstep bio by Aurora and thank her for liking my ideas.

Hard to believe I made my Mac family tree two years ago!


Time sure does fly, doesn't it? : o


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Quote from: Aurora Borealis on July 11, 2010, 04:31:14 pm
I'll only include led lighting and hardware that do have characterizations and backstory. Now we just need to place them into their proper factions.

Also, two new bios, leaders of the personal computer revolution!:

{{The benefactress to the Microsoft-IBM Family, sadly got exiled, but united with PC-DOS, Windows 1.0 and 2.0 at the Binteeji Renmei!}}

Name: MITS Altair 8800
aka: "Altair"
Debut: Jan 1975
Height: 137 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Red
Hair: White

Quick Facts:

-Credited for starting the personal computer revolution. (first commercially successful personal computer)
-Overconfident in her youth, but still prone to exaggerating things. (had hugely exaggerated hype from its developers)
-Intelligent but was self-destructive, withdrawn and melancholy. Her attitude has improved a lot since joining the BR though.
-Hobbies include working on model rockets and antique calculators.
-Was arch-rivals with IMSAI 8080, who she wanted to knock out of the competition.
-Ended up causing her own near-demise and lost against IMSAI in terms of popularity.
-Was friends with Apple I and Xenix.
-Was the benefactress and an honorary member of the Microsoft-IBM family, but had to leave in 1981.
-Spent over 20 years as a wanderer in various hardships and obscurity.
-Joined the Binteeji Renmei in recent years, and reconciled with IMSAI 8080.
-Is much happier now that she has retired, making new friends, and feeling like she can redeem herself.
-Wears a long blue+silver gown with a white bow and red pearls around the collar.

{{Possibly the only character from the 70's personal computer revolution that hasn't retired!}}
Name: IMSAI 8080
Debut: Dec 1975
Height: 142 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Violet
Hair: White

Quick Facts:

-Usually has a stoic and edgy attitude, but can also be kind to others.
-A good tactician, skilled with modern technology and has connections to important information networks. (The original IMSAI 8080 is still supported by its parent company, and a modernized version is being made)
-A former megalomaniac, in her prime she was a military engineer who led over her territory with a dictatorship, with plans of mind control and world domination.
-Was arch-rivals with Altair, but both faded into obscurity by the early 80's.
-Lost out to user-friendlier competitors (i.e: PET, Apple II) and nearly met her demise due to faulty technology.
-DR-DOS's childhood friend and mentor, who she inspired to be ambitious and powerful, though with unintended consequences she regrets.
-Felt hopeless as a wanderer, joined the CIOST in the early 2000's which gave her new feelings of hope along with the desire to improve herself and help others, especially fellow underdogs.
-Helps the various CIOST members stay in contact with each other.
-Friends with BeOS, MenuetOS and Apple III, DR-DOS, and has also reconciled with Altair in recent years.
-Has her hair decorated with a teal headband and alternating red and blue hair clips.
-Her outfit is modeled after the IMSAI 8080's color scheme, notably her long-sleeved shirt is modeled after the layout of the red+blue switches on the front.

Awesome work done... I know thread is bit old but I have amazing information to work on......


Hello new person! It's nice to see somebody interested in our work here. I'm especially interested why you've chosen to post about Altair 8800 and IMSAI-tan. ^_^

You should go introduce yourself in the Member Introduction Thread or say hi in Topicless. ^.^