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Started by Aurora Borealis, February 20, 2010, 02:17:23 am

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D'aww, more of the damn smalls.

Aurora Borealis

September 11, 2010, 09:02:09 pm #136 Last Edit: July 13, 2019, 11:05:57 pm by Aurora Borealis
The Damn Smalls! Hehehe! I still need to get DSL-tan's bio up too.

Three new bios!

The Harvard Mark-tans are the masters of anachronistic fashions! The gap between Mark I-tan's and her immediate successor's fashion styles is over 1,000 years!
Quotename: Harvard Mark II
aka: n/a
debut: 1947
died: ?
height: 163 cm
weight: ?? kg
eye color: gold
hair: brown

Quick Facts:

-A sailor, navigator and mathematician.
-Is adventurous, has worked for the navy.
-Also does mechanical work, known to be crazy-prepared. (built-in hardware for several functions)
-Carries a tool box or tool belt at all times.
-Follows the family's traditions and philosophies (the Harvard Architecture), but also works under her own set of strange and strict rules.
-Her rules aren't as efficient and easily worries about the smaller details, but gets the job done.
-Usually wears her hair in pigtails, and wears an antiquated sailor-type uniform with poofy sleeves and pants.
-Wears a black+grey polka-dotted vest.

The Atari computer sisters:
This is the tale of two step-sisters in an unlikely family.

QuoteName: Atari DOS
aka: "Atari 8-bit"
Debut: 1979
Height: 125 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair: Blonde

Quick Facts:

-Is kind-hearted, youthful, and cheerful and soft-spoken.
-An old-fashioned prop comic and magician, though her magician outfit appears more impressive than her skills.
-Yet she is resourceful, good at improvising and incorporating the appearance of a timid, bumbling rookie into her acts.
-Wise beyond her years, she is a big sister figure to Atari ST and the other Atari-tans.
-Is Atari ST's older stepsister. Despite their differences, and ST's counterproductive antics, they care for each other a lot.
-Used to be rivals with Commodore PET and Apple II, now the three of them are best friends that are nearly inseparable.
-In the old Atari family, she remained optimistic, even though the Atari console-tans didn't like her.
-Has blonde hair, braided in the style of the Atari logo, each braid ending in three small pigtails.
-Wears a purple+grey magician outfit with an ascot and colorful cape.
-Uses an Atari Remote Controller as a magic wand.

QuoteName: Atari TOS
aka: "Atari ST"
Debut: Jan 1985
Height: 161 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Teal
Hair: Light Blue

Quick Facts:

-Atari DOS's stepsister, GEM's younger half-sister, also a biological sister to DR-DOS-tan.
-She and GEM were separated from birth and had competed against each other before reuniting in the Binteeji Renmei.
-A diva yearning for her old glory days again as an idol singer.
-Obsessed over her looks, worries about her 'fading beauty', and laments her age --which she denies--.
-Was supposed to be a magician like her stepsister --following the tradition of her step-family--, but was more of a song-and-dance performer.
-Had much more pizzazz as a performer, but neglected her magic skills.
-Still has rivalries with Amiga and C64. Had either reconciled with or forgot about her rivalries with GS/OS and the Macs.
-Somewhat of a loner and keeps her distance from most Vintage-tans, but deep down she is grateful for their help and kindness.
-Has long wavy light blue hair decorated with a bee-shaped hair clip.
-Wears a green+white minidress with high-heels, a teal jacket and Atari logo sash.


Somehow I feel compelled to jot down bios for the Mac OSX-tans.... dunno where to start, though. D:

Maybe I can write them up, and Aurora-san can fact-check (though we know little about the OSX-tans).

Aurora Borealis

What I've gotten down so far for each:

OSX Server/Rhapsody: Friendly, cheerful and stable, good at cooking, serving and crafts, a great mother figure or big sister figure to many of the Mac-tans, but is a shut-in and social-phobic.

OSX Cheetah: Is mischievous, a dominatrix with a sadistic side, but hides a lot of insecurities and clumsiness. Most of the Mac-tans are scared of her.

OSX Puma: More stable than Cheetah, but is timid and mousy, easily pushed around by the more aggressive (i.e: OSX-tan) and feels like she's forced to take sides.

OSX Jaguar: The first OSX-tan with considerable self-confidence. Is sporty, tomboyish and artsy. Also socially awkward, but doesn't let that stop her from her goals.

OSX Panther: Prefers to stay out of the family conflicts, appreciates classical music and art, generally quiet but strong-willed, but isn't as adventurous as OSX Tiger-tan.

OSX Tiger: The de-facto leader of the OSX-tans, but gets into frequent power struggles with OSX-tan. Is cheerful and hot-blooded but laid-back and adventurous.

OSX Leopard: A time-traveling genius, overconfident and overly snarky at times but means well.

I also need to come up with bios for more of the Classic Mac-tans!


No love for the shota-leopard-kun, i suppose. -w-;


Don't forget OSX Snow Leopard: Leopard's older self, mature, confident but less willing to traverse time. Probably has dirt on every living (and dead) OS-tan, chooses to keep the information under her hat.

Creepy shota boys are creepy. ><



Quote from: "WHAT IS THIS"
B: This is creepy!
C: Creepy...?



Aurora Borealis

Yup, Snow Leopard-tan is included, her bio is listed on the front page.

The --canon-- OS-kuns aren't included in the project bios (lack of interest or characterization?), but can still make cameo appearances in stories.

Aurora Borealis

Hey! I'm still working on this (was distracted by many other things for a while), and I have a few project avatars, chibis and bios in the works, but I'm also taking requests! :)


Glad to hear it! Who's bios are you working on?

Aurora Borealis

Working on bios for some of the remaining Vintage-tans for now, and a few of the User Space Gang.

Any requests for avatars not yet drawn/included on the page?


Requesting avatars of CTSS, DTSS, Harvard Mark I and Whirlwind-tan, Aurora-hime~

Aurora Borealis

November 22, 2010, 08:15:37 pm #149 Last Edit: July 13, 2019, 11:06:22 pm by Aurora Borealis
Okay! I'll get started on them tonight! I wasn't sure what Whirlwind's color scheme was, but now that I saw your painting of her yesterday, I know now! :D


Actually drew this yesterday, but here's a chibi EMAG III-tan, based off of Bella's concept sketch:

I'm still really curious about her backstory, considering that she represents such a strange computer, and survived into the 1960's, aka: the era of mostly stuffy-mannered OS-tans! I can't help but wonder if she had met many of the OS-tans from that era, and whether or not they would have gotten along with her, though IIRC, it was said in her concept sketch that she may have been friends with DTSS, GENIAC, and (if she lived long enough to meet her) Tynix. I also think she would have been friends with DigiComp as well.

Any thoughts?