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More IBM-tans

Started by stewartsage, January 11, 2010, 06:20:25 PM

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I nearly bought a Timex Sinclair 1000.... but its video adapter broke before the pickup. The seller said he'd fix it and I haven't heard from him since.... .__.;;

Quote from: Aurora Borealis on March 11, 2011, 06:46:11 PM
When you describe Multics as being very social and amiable, is that her present-day self you're mainly describing, because she used to be very moody and melancholy, didn't she?

Sad that SAGE thinks the Vintage-tans are out to get her, when many of them like her. :(

No, I'm describing her past self too... remember, Multics-sama had a rather agony-or-ecstasy existence, with about as much happiness as sorrow (even if those instances of sorrow were a lot more memorable than the good times). She'd have been masterful at keeping any negative emotions she felt well under wraps; meaning that even when she was melancholy, she wouldn't have come across as it. -w-

Stewart-san informed me that SAGE is not as paranoid as I initially assessed her to be, so, nix that? >____>


 @Bella: No offense taken :) Since I'm not yet through the bios of all the -tans out there, feel free to point out any discrepancies I might make. And your input is highly appreciated :D

Oh, and ZX81-tan seems to be quite cool......Tsundere ftw!  ^_^


we don't seem to have very many tsundere-tans, so this is kind of refereshing. :3
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Thank you Paul. .w.

Right now the only tsunderes out there are Unix (though she's more akin to kuudere), Linux, Multics, SAGE and Slackware (whose romantic obsessiveness might put her on the border with Yandere Territory)... OpenVMS is really more of a dandere. There are a bunch of others I'm missing, I'm sure....

Aurora Borealis

Hmm... Never thought of either Linux or Slackware as tsunderes, though Slackware does have Yandere tendencies.

VMS, a dandere? I wouldn't have guessed, I had thought of her as being a kuudere! On the other hand, I never thought of Unix as being the kuudere type- too hot-headed!

Another Yandere is Barbie Linux-tan, but she didn't always use to be that way. :(

Other possible tsunderes are VIC-20-tan, Mac/OSX-tan (both Type A), and Mac OS 9 (Type B)

@Bella: I thought Multics was mostly melancholy in her early life because although she lived the life of luxury, she didn't have freedom, and constantly felt trapped in a fancy cage at her creator's mercy. And then there was her having to attempt to kill her daughter, only to get maimed by her... But I see how she'd need to put on a happy face in front of others.


@aurora: such is the life of aristocracy.
@bells: ok, i'm only familiar with yan- and tsun-, all these other -deres are confusing me. @___@;;
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VIC-20 and Mac-tan! I knew I was missing somebody....

Okay, to clarify:
-A tsundere is difficult on the outside/sweet on the inside
-A yandere is sweet on the outside/crazy on the inside and motivated by romantic love
-A kuudere is cool or emotionless on the outside/sweet on the inside (ie, only warms up with time or to friends)
-A dandere is asocial on the outside/sweet on the inside (like a kuudere, typically toward acquaintances)
-Then there's yangire, which is sweet on the outside/crazy on the inside like a yandere, but not motivated by romantic love.

Also bear in mind that these needn't always follow the X on the inside, Y on the outside form - a tsundere, for example, can have a mix of difficult and sweet traits or experience mood swings between these two "personalities".

Full disclosure: Stew has said I'm somewhere in the kuu-/dandere spectrum with a touch of yangire. >x3


I always pictured Linux as a not-very-tsun-but-very-oblivious/shy-about-it-dere...meh. -w-;

And for your information (and my amusement) here's an X-dere list on my creations... the (mode) is a gauge on how hard it is to get the romantic mode itself to surface and/or capture.

COLOSSUS (pre-resurrection) - Tsun/kuudere (hard mode)
COLOSSUS (post-resurrection) - Kuudere (LUNATIC mode) -note that as her initial attitude to people depend on her mission status regarding them, this can be pretty variable.
WITCH (pre-resurrection) - light Tsundere (normal mode)
WITCH (post-resurrection) - Heavy Dominator/light yandere (easy mode)
GIT - Heavy-as-lead tsundere (normal mode)
Mertvaya Ruka - As oblivious as the male lead of a harem animu, or worse; AKA, not-a-single-fucking-clue-dere (PHANTASM mode)
? ? ? ? ? - Dandere (easy mode)

Yes, Broya, that is who you think it is.


bella, this is not the place to debate it, but you're not yangire. you're just shy/oblivious/asexual/POSSIBLY kuu\dandere.

oh, and yandere can bee cool on the outside in addition to the difficult part. :\
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Quote from: NejinOniwa on March 12, 2011, 01:23:54 PM? ? ? ? ? - Dandere (easy mode)

Yes, Broya, that is who you think it is.

...OpenVMS? ~w~

Quote from: Chocofreak13 on March 12, 2011, 01:56:18 PM
bella, this is not the place to debate it, but you're not yangire. you're just shy/oblivious/asexual/POSSIBLY kuu\dandere.
oh, and yandere can bee cool on the outside in addition to the difficult part. :\

Don't question my yangireness or put me in a box .____.;;;;

...You mean tsundere?

At any rate, what you've described is called a kuudere.


yes, i did mean tsundere. and i'd say kuudere and dandere are offshoots of tsundere, anyway. >_<

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me and canary made a -tan! ^^
Lubuntu-tan (Lulu-chan):

Friendly, modern, vibrant.
borrows alot, but still considered independent
(in this respect, contradictory like rainbow-tan)
Resourceful and optimistic (able to run on bare-bones)
User-friendly, knowledgable (comes equipped with alot)
Gets upset when people comment on how she looks like a 1940's cartoon character

Physically 14-15
5' 4"
Semi-flat chested (small file size and RAM requirement)
Black hair done up in ringlets (similar style to classic character, Little Lulu)
Navy Sailor-style dress with Logo on bow in front
Amber eyes
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Aurora Borealis


there aren't enough linux-tans, anyway. ^^
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I just made a -tan by myself.
It's not that great. In fact, it sucks. :U


Age: 15

reliable, easy to trick
attractive, consistent
likes to learn new things
animal lover

Short-ish hair, pony tail
Zip up jacket
Frilly skirt
High heels
I'm not kidding. I have all teh animal crossing games and play them everyday.
My profile pic is from deviant art. It's not mine.