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More IBM-tans

Started by stewartsage, January 11, 2010, 07:20:25 pm

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Aurora Borealis

OMG! There's actually a computer system from my home state of Iowa! I'm surprised too!


Quote from: "NejinOniwa"The translation is ok, btw...but don't hesitate to rely on your overlord for things like this, it's what I'm here for >:3

I shall remember that the next time!

Quote from: "Bella"I died a little when I saw that wall of text. ;-;

It just sort of happened, one second I was typing and the next there was a giant post ^^'

@ RW-300-tan/RSX-tan: *shrug* Guess its a mystery then

@ OS^3-tan: Don't forget, you started it

@ ILLIAC-senpai: After SAGE-sama, ILLIAC was probably the second hardware/OS I wanted to -tan.  They just seemed like natural allies, almost as if the U of I planned it....

@ IAS-sama: Or rather not get anywhere.  Pyromania: The party disorder.

@ MANIAC-tan: It does indeed, poor MANIAC can't sow that much chaos by herself!

@ AVIDAC and GEORGE-kun: The IAS family seemed to specialize in physicists, only natural I suppose

@ ORACLE-tan: You will find a fortune, but it will not be da one you seek  She's a sweetheart.

@ BESK-tan: Take a shot every time you miss a stitch!

@ BESM-tan: True

@ CYCLONE-tan: Yes, I got it ><

@SMIL-tan: Its fun! Now I want to make it do something else....

Quote from: "Aurora"OMG! There's actually a computer system from my home state of Iowa! I'm surprised too!

Hooray! Although I am a University of Iowa fan myself >>


How about another one?

SABRE (Semi-Automated Business Research Environment)-tan
-Dedicated businesswoman, worked her way up to the top (booking system, now has a dedicated company)
-First activated in 1960, has stayed modern
-Fiercely loyal to American Airlines
-Known as a ruthless competitor, not terribly endearing in the business world to others (American Airlines manipulated the system to make sure they got preference)
-Doesn't get along with any British based -tans
-For that matter she hardly gets along with any other -tans, extremely demanding
-SAGE's other, and only living, daughter.  Has expressed curiosity as to her mother's whereabouts.
-Easily excited, especially by aircraft
-Has a phenomanal memory for travel related information
-As an extension of all of that, loves to travel and can be found almost anywhere in the world
-Status: Certainly alive

Physical: Average height, light brown hair, usually wears blue and red ribbons no matter what else, could be termed 'stylish' and appropriate, often wears aviator sunglasses


you guys are so awesome at all this. lemme know when pics come about ^^

in soviet russia, computer catalogue your every move for intellegence, even when you pee!!



This thread needs moar alive -tans, or I'll be stuck in chronic sadness ;_;


The bane of dealing with vintage -tans I suppose :(  Though it is close, 22 deceased and eighteen alive.


good for you for keeping track. :3

who knows. just cause they're "dead" per se, doesn't mean we can't still whip up a few ghost-tans. >:3
ghostzilla may have a rival in the spooky department, hmmm?


Your comments about the IAS-tans have been duly noted, Stewart-san; I'm really liking this design for SABRE-tan too. She sounds like an interesting lass (and quite like her mum, too.) ^^

Somehow I see her wearing a pilot's uniform, haha.

@ Nejin and Choco-san: I've never really been bothered all that much by the copious amount of dead old OS-tans-- I guess it's because I view them in a historical perspective in which they're alive and well?

I support the idea of ghostly OS-tans, if only because their memory lives on to this day. ^^

Aurora Borealis

I also like the idea of deceased OS-tans still living as ghosts because it would be a shame for them to be completely dead, especially for those that didn't get to live very long in the first place.


But not too much, she's way too self confident and mental illness free to have spent too much time with her mother.  It always seemed like it would be interesting to see them interact.

"Let me take the controls, just for a second!"  Actually, there's a game on Facebook called Airline Manager that I've gotten addicted too.  I'd let SABRE take the stick on one of my older planes, maybe the DC-3.

Now all I can think of is that scene from Return of the Jedi (the original version).

Yeah, most of my stories feature nice happy (not) historical -tans frolicking through wide open fields....... okay, so I have forced some rather unpleasant situations on them, but it'll get better! I promise! ^^;

I like to think that those short lived OS's have their own way of living on.  That's why I count mostly intact systems and those still emulated as being alive!

Aurora Borealis

I'd like to count all systems still being emulated as being alive, though Apple I-tan is deceased for storyline reasons (despite there being a few Apple I emulators and replicas out there). A shame too since she's one of the shortest-lived OS-tans, but I had to go with that. :(

Glad that SAGE-sama is still alive despite the system being decommissioned in the 1980's, since that has allowed for so much more backstory and characterization. She's also one of the greatest ascended extras of the OS-tan series! Amazing how she went from being a long-dead one-shot character with not much known about her, to a living character with a long and rich backstory! :D

Also glad that GENIAC-tan is still alive, since that allowed for a lot more to be done with her backstory, and much more interesting than if she had died young. I mean, I don't know how many GENIAC systems were sold total, how big its userbase was, or if any survived all these decades. :-/

On the other hand, do you think Honeywell Kitchen Computer-tan would still be alive or not? Or maybe she could be haunting people, forcing them to eat her bad cooking! ;006

Oh no! I said I'd get to drawing more of those proposed OS-tans but haven't gotten to them! Shame on me! :(


Sometimes you just have to make the tough calls when it comes to plot.

Luckily enough people still use SAGE pieces as props and the big dish at Montauk's still there too.  I'm glad people like her so much.

Indeed, GENIAC-chan is who inspired me to make SAGE-sama.  They have survived.  ! I almost bought a complete one on e-bay, and they have the manual online.  Quite a few people on that page talked about that being their first interaction with a "computer".

No idea, I wouldn't think so though.  That's a punishment no one should be subjected to, haha.

Shame on you indeed (j/k)


i love it that GENIAC-chan is still alive and well! ^^ this is a lovely thing. and ghosty-tans are still possible, but in the case of Apple I-tan, maybe we should honor her memory with a "guardian angel" aspect? seems moar, idk, honorable?


St. Apple I-tan will return to lead her children to the promised land.

Aurora Borealis

That's awesome that there are still GENIAC series computers out there! :D

Incidentally, I had in mind Apple I-tan being sort of a guardian angel-type character as well. Although she can't be seen or heard by living OS-tans, she watches over the whole Apple Family and the vintage-tans.

Another of the shortest-lived OS-tan is TSS/360-tan, one of Multics-sama's old arch-rivals. TSS/360-tan was born in the mid-1960's and died in 1971, nearly forgotten and with no (known?) descendants. Sad, isn't it? :(