zerOSanity Xmas Special

Started by Aurora Borealis, November 22, 2009, 02:19:35 pm

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Aurora Borealis

After seeing Bella's first and successful try with Ren'Py, and finding out how easy it really is to get started, I wanted to make a visual novel too!

The problem was that I couldn't come up with ANY ideas for a test run VN. So what did I decide to do? Why, make a crazy ambitious adaptation of the zerOSanity Xmas special! And why not? C-Chan and I started it in 2007, we resumed it in 2008, and technically finished it on time, even though the last pages were in storyboard form.

Now I want to take it another step further!

Here's a sneak peek of one of the scenes: It's the one of various OS-tans leaving the party after it's over.


Cool.  Is that C65-tan I can see there?  She's looking a tad happier than usual.
Red_Machine: Flouting the Windows Lifecycle Policy since 1989!


I have spotted mai creation right there in the middle there. Interesting. -w-

Aurora Borealis

Quote from: "Red_Machine"Cool.  Is that C65-tan I can see there?  She's looking a tad happier than usual.

Yup. She's with Macintosh System 3.4-tan, who is one of her closest friends, since the two of them have a lot in common: They're both the 'odd ones out' in their respective families, have lived as wanderers for nearly their whole lives, have survived many odds, have extreme amounts of willpower, and are loud and crazy! :D

Quote from: "NejinOniwa"I have spotted mai creation right there in the middle there. Interesting. -w-

She's not much of a partier, isn't she?


When it comes to your experiences with parties, can you relate with any of the characters in the scene? :)


I lol'd at color-wheeling OSX Cheetah-tan. xD And ReactOS-tan is another favourite.

Good luck with your VN! Just remember to keep it simple, at least at first...

Aurora Borealis

This VN isn't going to have interactivity in it, or rather it's a kinetic novel, to keep things relatively simple.

When it came to interactive stuff, I got confused on how those work. x__x

But when I get to the point of making an interactive VN, the first one will be a simple test run. Hopefully at that point, I will have thought of something!


An idea: the Interactive VN could play out during the party itself. Good setting, no? -w-

Alas, maybe I should draw a bit more of my DC-tan...fufufufu. -w-

Aurora Borealis

The VN idea got scrapped obviously, I created way more work than I could handle, so the VN adaptation collapsed under its own weight, but it wasn't entirely in vain, and I was able to port a lot of the elements (which exist as svg files) from it into this. Really, it's about time this thing gets officially completed, the ending was made in '08 but is a storyboard (a cute storyboard but one nonetheless).


Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Merry Christmas everyone! I have just one more page to complete after this!



Lisa looks sad, even while singing... LOL

I love you Lisa.


well, LISA's a little dead yeah... :\

Barbie-tan is so cute. ^^

Aurora Borealis

Lisa-tan's not too happy having to take part in the caroling. She can talk, but doesn't like to.

And good thing RedHat accepted the role of Santa, or Barbie Linux-tan would NOT be happy. "Won't you please accept... or else?" *hint hint* She's a yandere.