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Tmax Window Tan?

Started by coldReactive, July 27, 2009, 08:27:47 pm

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Just wondering if anyone thought about a Tmax Window Tan.

Make sure to read the links provided, ReactOS is rumored to have its kernel put into Tmax, but since Tmax is closed source, this violates the GPL.


never heard of one.
but then, you're better off asking aurora-sama. but given the lacking amount of info on the wiki page, i'd say it's a no. and even if there is one, designing your own is half the fun. <3


Well, since it's a rumor that its kernel is from ROS and this would violate the GPL if they keep their source closed, maybe have the -tan have broken GPL horns.

StarCraft takes 10 minutes to load according to tmax, lol.


10 minutes? srsly? what is it, a tank?

mm, like i said, idk about the -tan. you're always free to make your own. :3

Aurora Borealis

There's not a lot of info on it, only a lot of speculation and rumors, and I've never heard of this OS until just now.

If we're to make this character, we should wait until we can find more info on this OS.



Meh, leave it to the Korean-speaking fans to make the OS-tan for now... I mean, there's more info available than what is known by us, just not in the internationally spoken English.

I myself had not known about this OS... I guess this is as obscure as an OS can get. lol
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