TI DLP Pico projector + Beagle board

Started by Dr. Mario, May 11, 2009, 06:31:07 am

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Dr. Mario

;001 Alright, This thread is dedicated to Texas Instruments DLP hardwares, Pico projector and Beagle board.

Also, if you guys are die-hard linuxphiles, it's something to squawk about!

Also, *panting* if you guys don't know, go to www.beagleboard.org

Well, the first reason I started this thread was because I needed some help hacking the 64-bit Linux Mandriva, to have AMD Radeon HD3200 display something off a Pico projector. TI said it will work fine at 640x480 (60 Hertzs VGA) -

Added after 3 minutes:

the only problem is, this particular projector don't have an EDID data at all, making it difficult for me to use it.
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