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"Witchcraft! Run!"

"Chi. Amateur…"
Have been in some fight where witchcraft and magic involved, he already used too it since he can sense it (thought not see it)

Seeing the mist have stopped the battle, Ageha thinks for a while after seeing the enemy runs and some of the burnt corpse.
So, I’m back to the battlefield. How Ironic

His anger suddenly rises when he thought he finally confront VASSICANS troops. He remember how because of their act, his lover lost her life in the turmoil, how they completely ruin his life.

"Capture him! Don't let him get away!"
Tarak's shout return him to his sense.

"FOCUS!! " He said to himself. Now is not the time to be lost in thought or lose composure.

Quickly considering why the VASSICANS troops are here, very close to the base, he tighten his grip over the shield handle.  This is not over yet. They must be up to something if they are very near an enemy base. For now, he know he have to chase that agent. Even if he don't know what will wait for him. He take the battle stance and charge ahead.

I'm actually worried how tarak look worn out, but I can only go forward to protect and support others...I hope tarak and the others are all right
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Alex S

As the ex-military rushed into the battle, Alex's chain barely missed impaling him.
This isn't good. As long as members of our party are fighting on the front lines, I can't use my chain or I'll hurt them as well.
Sighing, Alex coiled his chain and drew his sword. Focusing, he stepped through the Different Dimension and materialized in the middle of the battle, stabbing the Vassican that he had just stepped in front of. As his adversary dropped to the ground coughing blood, Alex continued to fight, dodging the attacks directed at him.


Desperately trying to shake off the aftershocks, Tarak shook up a knife in each hand, and slashed at his forearm lightly. Focusing on his bodily pain, he lunged himself towards the Vassicans' uncovered left flank, took aim, and let fly a pair of knives, sinking them deeply in the necks of one Vassican each. Seven to go.[/color] Patches of haze flew through his vision, and he shook his head. Now is not the time to faint, damn you![/color] Willing them away, he flashed his long daggers out of their sheathes inside his sleeves, desperately blocking the sword of the soldier coming at him with both blades.


And again Auri climbed on the tree from which she could shoot down unnoticeably the vassicans and keep her eye on the prisoner. She believed that even with his legs and arms injured the man could make a try to escape.
Hiding among the leaves she tried to take an aim, but the damn mist became denser and denser after each shot. It annoyed Auri and made her to miss the marks. However some of her efforts had a success: she injured the arm of one of the vassicans and shoot down his companion, who was fighting nearby. But after these two shots it was clear that the further firing would become only the waste of time and bullets. So she started to watch the prisoner, who couldn’t even move his hear without the tears of pain.
But after some minutes of the watch Auri’s eyes caught the sight of two vassicans trying to escape the battle-field.
“Running away, are we?”
But when she almost took the aim of the nearest fugitive, the men scattered in all directions. The fired bullet only hit the ground.
“What the…”
Auri’s eyes moved to the earlier aimed vassican. The man was already far away from the place, where the hole caused by the bullet appeared. She took the aim once more and after a second the vassican fell on the ground with the deathly wound in this back.
But when she turned her head after this successful shot to the prisoner, Auri saw the other vassican trying to drag the captured man away from the boulders.
“Oh no, you won’t!”
Auri shot once more and the last vassican fell near the prisoner with his face down to the ground.
“Better watch him properly…I thought nobody saw me, when I kidnapped him…”, - she thought dragging the crying prisoner behind the boulders again after climbing down the tree.
After hiding the man better then the last time Auri continued her watch near the boulders.
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I apologize for my English in advance, because it isn\'t my natural language. So if you see any mistakes or you don\'t understand what I\'m saying, please don\'t hesitate and tell me about your misunderstanding or where I have made a language mistake.


Barely evading a somewhat chainlike, he realize this mist isn't going to get him anywhere chasing the enemy. He isn't sure if his party member can sense him.

I better get out from this mist first. Friendly casualty is the worst and we definitely don't need it.

Seconds later, Ageha hears the gunshot sound getting less frequent.

Is she all right?

Finally he manages to get out from the mist, just to find there are three vassicans soldier in front of him.
One soldier quickly swing his sword, but he manage to deflect it with the shield and quickly using his shield as a gauntlet, he punch the soldier abdomen. He quickly pass out.

"Damn you, you witchcraft user" yells the other soldier.

They are afraid and now they are desperate
He quickly engage the other two. One soldier swing sideways while the other swing vertically. Unfazed, he deflect the sideways sword and using the momentum from the swing he punch the others in the face. Using his last position he quickly tackle the others and knock him unconscious.
After make sure all three of them are passed out, he take a quick glance at mount behegur.

Looks like there are more people. Are they reinforcement? Eitherway, I'm in enemy territory. I better wait here. Going too far alone is too risky. Going back is even riskier since the others could misidentify as enemy. At least using the geography here, enemy can only come from two side. The front, mount behegur or the back, from the mist where the others are fighting. Everyone, be safe

Then he notice there's someone from the mist coming.
--- When it\'s worth doing, it\'s worth overdoing it ---


Tarak staggered backwards from the force of the blow, but kept the block in place. In a swift move, he shifted his weight downward and took a small cross-step forward; converting the man's strength to rotation of his own body, he let his arms twist freely as he spun, kicking away the man's legs; then, with a lightning-fast twist that sent his leg up in a swift flip-kick upward, he sent the man's body flying over him. As the pressure from the sword vanished, he drew the daggers up in a sweeping motion, their blades raking through the body of the Vassican, face first, tearing deep gashes in him. As the man landed on the ground with a wet thud, he pounced on him, thrusting both daggers through his neck. Wet, ragged wheezes sounded as the the last flickers of life were burnt out, and then the man was no more.
(Remember, kids: There is no such thing as too much detail when you kill someone. >:3)
Around him, the last scraps of battle was dying away. The shieldbearer had bashed down the last assailants around him, and the last battlecries had turned into panting breaths - from the victors - and ragged wheezes - from the dying and wounded. Tarak wiped the blood off his daggers with the cloak of the man he'd just felled, located the ones he'd felled earlier and retrieved his knives from their corpses, and looked around. The mist ahead was almost cleared entirely, and the heat was gone - only a light fog, and some singed patterns on the bedrock, was left to remind them of what'd been there just a few minutes ago. His - comrades? - were clearing up what they had left of traces of the battle. Seems we're done here, huh.[/color]
He looked at the ground. It seemed a bit too far away from his eyes. Blinking, he gazed at his surroundings. Something wasn't right here. He blinked again. It was quite fuzzy, when he though about it. "Is everyone...alright...?"
His sense of balance was so off, that he barely felt himself topple as he fell over and the light took him.


at this point the battle was over. 'hmm, i didn't do much.....well, i tried! and i'm not dead! yay! onward to slohtfyel!' she tiptoed as quiet as possible from behind the tree and began to search the corpses for loot, ignoring the odd stares from the other people around. "damn....nothing."

Alex S

What's wrong with him?

Alex asked the question after the flame headed magician in their party fainted. Having no knowledge of the exact way magic worked on this world, Alex was confused. Sure, it was an effort to transcend this plane and use his powers, but it didn't really cost any energy.

Giving an odd look to the person in the patchwork cloak searching the dead soldiers, Alex analyzed the situation.

Those soldiers made quite a bit of noise when the steam hit them, and those projectile weapons that the bird-woman has were quite loud as well. What are the chances we were heard and reinforcements are on their way? We wouldn't want to be attacked while one of our party is unconscious.


The watchers viewed the aftermath of the battle with neutral faces.
"Is it wise, what you have been instructed? Yorm."
The one who had been spoken to remained silent. The third watcher took up the question. "You very well know it is necessary. However his orders came to him, and whoever gave them; this is something we cannot allow to happen, to exist. Not here."
The watcher who had spoken first sighed, and shook her head. "However, if we are to do this properly, our little boy isn't allowed to just lie there sleeping, now is he. Niara?"
The two other watchers nodded in unison, and one of them raised a finger, letting the Ra flow, hidden to all but their own eyes.

Tarak's body was the first to awaken; his mind followed suit a few seconds later. Moving as if strings were attached to his limbs, he stood up and opened his eyes before he was even conscious. As the fog lifted from his mind's eye, confusion covered it in another yet again. Surely, I should've been out for longer than this.
Something nagged at his mind, a need of something to be done. He didn't know where it came from, just that it was very important. He - and these people - must get to the Vassican hideout. Why do I have to help the Halderans in the first place? The question hung in the air, but he didn't care answering it. It could be done later; fulfilling his task was more important. For now.
He threw a look around himself, and focused on the people around him. "Let's move on. It's just a bit further ahead."
His movements weren't as stiff anymore, but he was still just as confused, if not more. Why am I doing this, anyway?
The question was once more left unanswered, with only the wind to blow it away as he started walking with unsure steps.


Choco stood, finding nothing on the soldiers. "hmmm, nothing.......wait! that magical girl's asleep! i can search him! ^^" with a rather sly look in her eye, choco tiptoed over to the sorcerer, giving an odd glare back to the tall hobo-esque man who was eyeing her suspiciously. she continued on to the unconcious fellow and searched him.....and found......nothing! "DAMMIT!!" choco gave a slight pout and rose again, proceding to walk off in the direction she was originally heading, stopping to kick a vassican in the face every few paces or so.


The mist have died down. The person coming from the mist are the flame headed mage, followed by the glass wearing swordman and the eccentric cloak wearer. A little bit later, he can see the female gunner threathening a wounded soldier with her gun.

Looks like they are fine

But he realized that the flame headed walks a little bit lethargic. Though he sees no visible wound on him, he assume that the act of using the magic might have drained him. He open the small bag on his belt, and take a vial of medicine potion.

"Take this" He offered the vial to the read head

"This is a medicine potion. By no means an elixir, but it will revitalize your body and ease any pain. But it won't cure serious wounds. If we must go on without resting, take this potion."

Even if you don't take the potion, I'll keep a close eye on you. I won't let anything like in the past happen again
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The sound of battle began to fade away…Is it over?
Aureliel peered from behind the boulder to check the going of the battle once more. The sounds of knocked together steel blades and battle cries were almost gone and the mist seemed to get thin which made no mistakes of the fight’s ending.
“Sooo….”, - drawled Auri, - “What am I supposed to do with you?”
The shot looked at her prisoner. The man started because of her words and fear appeared on his deathly white face. He swallowed and started to speak with faltering voice.
“I…I won’t tell you a word, Demon! You heard me, not a word!”
“You will never tell a word to somebody if you call me again like this!!”
Her fingers which were still near the pistols began to move intently and the vassican felt silent immediately.
“And, by the way”, - Auri continued after the shot pause - “It isn’t me who wants your words. I’m just a mercenary.”
The last words were told in such an ordinary ton that the vassican just looked at Auri with a faraway look and then drooped down in a doomed silence.
Auri looked again in the direction of the battle-field. The magic mist had completely vanished and there were no battle sounds, so she decided that it was time to return to her mates. But there was a little problem…
Auri looked at her prisoner again. The man was rather thin, had medium height and besides that he wasn’t wearing a heavy armor. But in spite of all of these the girls from this world can’t carry a person like this vassican freely on her back. The scene like that could be too suspicious.
“Well I don't care much…”
After some moments Auri with the vassican on her back was at the place of battle-field. She started to look around for her mates and then saw Ageha giving something like medicine to Trakar who wasn’t seemed quite well.
Is he hurt?
She came to Ageha and sad
"Can you give this vassican some medicine too?" - she asked - "I injured him to prevent him from running away. The wound are not the bloody ones but they hurt extremely. We need this man much and I don’t want his death because of my fault.”
And then Auri spoke to Trakar
“Are you alright? This magic takes a lot of energy.”
Wit beyond measure is man\'s greatest treasure^^

I apologize for my English in advance, because it isn\'t my natural language. So if you see any mistakes or you don\'t understand what I\'m saying, please don\'t hesitate and tell me about your misunderstanding or where I have made a language mistake.


Tarak eyed the shieldbearer suspiciously, then let his cocked eyebrows fall. Nodding to the man, he grasped the vial, and gulped down the grayish liquid quickly. A sensation of burning cold spread through his chest and body, numbing the pain instantly. Highly potent Quartzwater draught, then. [/color]He did have insight in the lesser workings - and products - of the Halderan military machine, and this was one of its many products. How did this man come over it, though? It's not available on the market - not near easily enough - and only the army Expers know the makings of it. Ex-military?[/color]

A push from his subconscious shoved the thought aside, putting the task at hand at higher priority. He shook his head, and his body followed with a massive shiver. Then he nodded to the shieldbearer.
"We must get going. The situation is bad enough as it is without us slacking off here. Let's move, folks!"

Waiting until his companions had started to trod forward on their own without his ushering, he dropped back to the - Gunslinger? What's that? [/color]- and put a hand on the prisoner. An urge from inside left uncontrolled, and Eldra flowed into his soul once more. Not nearly as much, just a flicker - but its power streamed into the man's body as it flowed. The Vassican's eyes widened as he realized what was happening; he almost had time to utter a high-pitched scream before his entire frame turned into a smoking cloud of white ash, swiftly carried away by the wind.

He turned his eyes to the woman, who was looking quite dumbstruck. "We have no need of him. He would slow us down. Come."
With those words he did a face-heel-turn and let his steps carry him towards the rest of the party.


she turned to look back at the battlefield. she cocked her head to the side when she saw that fire-head was back up and running. i REEEEEEALLLLY hope he didn't notice me searching him......
turning back around, choco continued on her way.


Decided that taking prisoner only slowing the progress, he decide to tie up the three unconscious soldier

Let the one from the military base take care of them

Passing by the dumbstruck female gunner, he speak softly so only he and her can hear him

"Though personally I don't agree with killing prisoner, this is a battlefield and we need to finish our task quickly. And looks like you have some burn wound. If you feel pain, you can take my potion." He passed her a medicine potion

There's one medicine potion left, I better save it for emergency

He approach the three unconscious soldier, quickly tied them up then he follow the red head mage again while also noticing the glass wearing swordman seem to be in deep thought.

"Something bugging your mind?"
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