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Started by NejinOniwa, May 02, 2009, 07:49:46 pm

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NAME:  Nutritious George.

RACE:  (probably) Human.

CLASS:  Unknown.

ORIGIN:  Unknown.

AGE:  Unknown.  Looks 25-ish, with white hair.

APPEARANCE:  Malcontent.  White hair.  Evil red eyes.  You'd want to stay away from this guy, this Nutritious George.  And as his name states, he's freaking pumped up on grain and bread enough to slaughter an entire orchard of elves for no reason at all.  He's dressed in outlandish, otherwordly clothes.  Like from earth.

PERSONALITY:  Quiet.  Seems to have a mission that must be accomplished at all costs.  Wreckless.  Doesn't care about his own well-being, nor yours.

BACKGROUND:  From a pile of ash and rubble that used to comprise the prison on a small, unnamed island, he appeared.  Covered in the ash of the ruins, no expression on his malevolent features.  The traveller that noticed him dragging a bloody knapsack down the local trade caravan's route is said to have mentioned at an offshore tavern that this man made a weird metallic clunking noise as he passed, like gears were getting stuck together.  He's a freaking UFO maybe?


STRENGTH:  25.  (if allowed.  He's feaking psycho.)
INTELLIGENCE: 30.  (if allowed, again)
KARMA:  0.
MIND:  0.

PLANTING BOMBS/EXPLOSIVE EXPERTISE:  20.  Quite familiar with the necessities of lantern fuel and the secret art of creating black powder to "detonate" suburban living areas and small villages.  This is a weapons skill.  He'll detonate you if you ask why.

TECHNOLOGY:  11.  Medieval PDA?  Want to install Gentoo on it?  He'll probably help, but that ticking noise isn't the RTC.  It's going to blow!

JUNGLE SAFARI TOUR GUIDE:  15.  He can lead you where you want to go, but he won't.  He won't.  But, on his home planet, he probably was some kind of tour-guide android.

EQUIPMENT:  A knapsack full of wonderous, undetonated fire-making junk.  Barbecue coal.  Flint.  Lantern fuel.  Black powder.  Unnatural explosives from unnatural sources.  Things like that.

And an earthly leaf blower with a full tank of gasoline.

His clothes are something the Terminator would wear.



He's got a gift-wrapped package in his coat pocket.  It's smal, but its contents are unknown.  And powerful.


First, I LOL'D, so it's allowed, naturally. -w-
Second, though, it needs some edits.
I dunno what the terminator wears. Specify clothes, kthx.
since I want to avoid BURN THE WITCH, I now pull The Albino on you. Enjoy your red eyes and NO PIGMENTS.
Your stats. Fix. You need at least one point in everything, and I unfortunately can't allow you having TWO overload stats - it's a bit too much. I'd recommend you to grab over-strength, since INT doesn't really do as much. Please down one of them to 20 or below.
There are no Other Stats, btw. -w-
Please split your stuff up into Skills and Abilities...>_<
Some of your equipment-ing. I'd rather not one of you carried round something as large and bulky as a leaf blower, really, and otherwise, remember: HALDERAN EXPERS HAVE SHIT THAT CAN FUCK YOUR SHIT UP GOOD, including Nitroglycerine compounds. En masse. So I'd rather you shift equipment to more chemical-like stuff on that front, since that's what's available in town, so to say. (or more like, in the military labs, but lol who cares)
For moar info, use EWAR thread.
Other than that, you're good!

Added after 3 minutes:

also, it's spelled Reckless. -w-;

Alex S

Wow, svx, your chara is going to have his bombs blowing up in his face with the skill level of 0 for karma. Or 1, what with the minimum requirements.


As Alex says, don't underestimate Karma. >:3

I realize I've been doing way too much whining around these parts, so let's contribute some.

NAME: Tarak Mardavi
RACE: Human
CLASS: Spy/Acolyte
ORIGIN: Thiram, West Peltair
AGE: 15

APPEARANCE: A very slender figure, Tarak is, as most Peltairans, quite short of build, and as most of those from the West, far more fair-skinned than their east-Peltairan countrymen - almost more so than the Halderans. He measures at 174 cm, and weighs barely 60 kilograms. His hair is reddish, for most part, and he wears it in a messy shroud around his head, with three distinctly jagged tops jutting out - one on each side, and one behind the middle of his head. They are somewhat lighter in color, red-gold shifting to orange and almost pale blond at the tips - this lends his head an appearance very much akin to that of a burning torch.
He is dressed in the Thiramin garb of the Temple Order of Haelfyre - a very wide-sleeved shirt, hanging loosely at his shoulders and revealing his collarbones, cut-off just at the ribs, baring the skin of his stomach and bellybutton. A slit garment like the lower end of a cloak is fastened on his hips, and below the loosely hanging cloth he wears thin, snug breeches. The hem and seams of the top and bottom pieces are covered in dark red fringes. The breeches are dark brown, and the top and bottom pieces are sand-colored, with the exception of the hems, that are vivid red, and the Twin Fyres, the mark of the Order, embroidered in blood-red and black on his chest. He wears plain, sturdy wooden sandals on his feet, to shield them from the scorching heat of the desert sand.
(Yes, I have drawn him. Now go away.)
BACKGROUND: Tarak has spent his entire life in the care of at least one member of both the Order and the Conglomerate. The Mardavi family controls a large number of businesses and corporate entities, and as possible heir he has been taught every piece of knowledge available in the field of economic management - but more importantly, the art of gathering intelligence - taught to him by the best scribes and spies the Conglomerate can muster.  (And for that money, that's quite a lot, mind.)
On the other hand, the Order early on recongized his unique abilities and affinity for the divine - he has the power to draw the divine power of Haelfyre, at his own will - much different to the other priests, whom even the best of must actively seek guidance with their deity before such things can be acquired. Out of ancient tomes he has been given the title of Chosen Flame, but despite his unique ability, he is far from priesthood yet. Not yet wanting to abandon any of his possible roads in life, both with immense grandeur looming ahead, he has set about on a double-edged quest, with requests from both his masters. From the Thiram Chapter Head of the Order, a pilgrimage to the Main Temple in Haelsport and a visit to the High Priestess would do him great good; From the Mardavi Conglomerate High Seats, the situation in Haldera must be properly evaluated, in order to seize as much economic power as possible, while the window of opportunity is open. And such he is cast into the fray.
PERSONALITY: Quite logically, with regards to his background, Tarak is highly cautious of all things around him, and very analytical. He is curious to a fault, though, and will never give up on learning something he has sighted; despite all this, he has much qualms about using his powers, and tries to keep them hidden as much as possible. Instead he relies on the symbols and political might of the Order, and his sly tounge, to advance in his schemes and plots - and if cornered, his garments hold many surprises for any possible aggressor - most of them potentially lethal.

BASE STATS (66/120)
Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Intelligence 16
Karma 10
Mind 14

SKILLS (27/120)
Class (Spy) 11 (Skills covered: Intel, Infiltration, Chemicals, etc)
Knife Fighting/Throwing 16

ABILITIES (27/120)
Net of the Order 7 - Well nestled into the plots and twistings of the Order, Tarak is as capable a player of the games of politics as any of them. As an Acolyte of the Temple Order of Haelfyre, he is authorized use of some of its facilities - no matter his origin - and he is able to gather information from sources among the initiates.
Bound to the Fyre 20 - A power unknown in nature and extent, only mentioned in ancient tomes as connected to Haelfyre, the Chosen Flame is able to tap directly into the pool of Eldra controlled by its Source. Unlike mages, who have to draw their own processed Ra and control it - much like leashing a wild animal - the Source-controlled Ra is already "tamed", and thus is very user-friendly - as well as highly potent. This makes him able to use powerful fire-based attacks of different sorts; its high potence makes it difficult to subdue, however, making lesser forms of manifestations almost impossible to attain.

Thiramin Order garments (see Appearance)
Infiltration garments (all-black shirt, breeches and veil)
10 Throwing Knives, hid in various spots
2 long black-bladed daggers, hid inside sleeves
2 bottles of Quartzwater (highly potent sleeping drug)
4 vials:
1 with Nitric acid
1 with Hydrochloric acid
1 with Sulfuric acid
1 empty vial for making Aqua Regia
1 large bag with Shock Powder (instant numbing/paralyzing effect on contact with skin or inhalation)
1 coating rod of Shock Powder (concentrated and formed into stiff jelly, much like glue, smeared on knives for paralyzing effect)

There we go. Took me a few hours, burn me, it did. Now ain't I proper?


Whew, this is harder than it looks. But the harder it is, the more fun.

Name: Ageha Seamorine
Gender: Male
Class: Ex-Exper (Battlefield Medical Division)
Race: Human
Age: 25
DOB: 7th Month 17th day 1291 A.F.K.
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 75Kg
Origin: Luthisport  

Status (65)
Strength 14
Dexterity 11
Intelligence 15
Karma 8
Mind 17

Skills (34)
Shield Fighting (And all of it's techniques include shield boomerang, shield bash, rebuke, etc) 14
Class (Covered Herbal, Compounding, Cooking etc) 20

Abilities (21)
Keen Sense 5 (Ability to sense unknown presence, trap and anything weird or not normal)
Shield Field 16 (Learned by combining technique from Paladin, Shield Technique, Priest of Luthar and trained stamina and durability, He can project some kind of field around him that blocks everything except the one he wants to get in. So far, he learned it in secret and never use it whenever there's someone around since it look like magic)

Any kind of advice what to change Nejin? About the background personality and equipment , I think I don't need to change it anymore.
--- When it\'s worth doing, it\'s worth overdoing it ---



That's lookin' good to me, boy. Except that the "paladins" aren't called that, and they're part of the Lutharan Brotherhood. But that's minor, so don't change it. -w-;


BTW Nejin, I have this question I eager to ask. Will all of the player will become a party eventually, or will be seperate story, or even some of the players will kill each other?
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All players start out in a forced party. By various circumstances. We lost way too much time getting in gear last time - I won't let that happen again.

Added after 1 minutes:

And I think we'll all have plenty of other things to think about (and kill) than your friends...If you start getting nasty I might even throw in Khuphis or something, so watch yourselves~ -w-


Why should I kill others? The more the merrier I said. And to be frank, if you look my character, he is more a defensive and a team player rather than a ruthless killer. I'm just curious since all party member come from different place, and it might be that some character culture or skill irritate other member (well, if you think deeply as the character rather than yourself, it is quite possible).
--- When it\'s worth doing, it\'s worth overdoing it ---


That of course is entirely true. If someone was to lurge in a Vassican character right in the midst of an asassination of a Halderan king by their agents and the like, not to mention their thousand-year old get the point.


That would be scary...

BTW, how much member we have right now?

1. Tarak Mardavi, Spy/Acolyte (Your character, all set)
2. Choco (Choco character, still in editing)
3. Alex Sushiama,  Dimensional Drifter (Alex S character, looks all set)
4. Aureliel, Hired shot (Vaereth character, still in editing)
5. Ageha Seamorine, Ex-Exper (My character, looks all set)
6. Nutritious George, Terminator? (SVX character, still in editing)

Did I miss anyone?
--- When it\'s worth doing, it\'s worth overdoing it ---


Yeah, and with what folks the Halderans can produce...KOWAI DAMNIT~

Though, Haldera doesn't get REAL scary until some 10 years later, with...SPOILERS...and all.

Wait for it~ -w-


Wait wait wait. So the setting of our story is not on present? Then the actual age and background of our character are the one in our creation or our creation+the time in your plot? If it is, I request to make change in my char, that is, the DOB. It isn't funny to role play as a grandpa (at least for me). Don't worry, this is the last one regarding the story (though not for other field though)
--- When it\'s worth doing, it\'s worth overdoing it ---


No, no, no, no, no. Don't jump to conc's here, you!
EWAR, as a world, is created by me originally and mainly to host the story arcs of the Everwinter Prophecy, a fantasy epic I'm writing. The main storyline in EW Book 1 starts year 1337 - this story, however, is set 20 years earlier.
(Incidentially, Tarak Mardavi is first seen in Chapter 2 of SoM. Lulzy.)