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Welcome to Windows 7 comic project

Started by ViperXtreme, March 05, 2010, 12:20:58 AM

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thanks, ive already imagined the battles from, logn ago along with some surprises, but my fire is not burning as it was before, but im still trying to make a comback, no matter what...

anyway...character concept for AVAST-tan(?)...
im trying to draw em at least one by one, hopefully as preparation...


part 2 of my campaign, redrawing some long forgotten characters in the comic im doin...


a troll? in my artz???

Mem chips  ;D

my system knows all about those.

Have I ever mentioned I really like your style?



this comic really needs some serious updated, they have that pose for almost 2 years now u_u



hopefully soon, finished some games so maybe i can use the lost time in doodling :)