I think I know how to start an Os-tan related Visual Novel

Started by galiant609, April 06, 2009, 10:32:50 am

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^^ that's out SE-tan. we should pair her w/ a feminist, makes sense. xD

i like the idea for 95's master. she was perhaps raised in over-traditional household? perhaps a shrine?


Somewhat stereotypical on all ends, but that is satisfactory, in this case. SE-master is a radical feminist, somehow we need to connect that to 98-tan though (who is not that way at all, actually), so some more inspiration is needed on that end.

95 master, Miko type.
I like the taste of that in my mouth, aye.


"Life begins with a disk drive"


95 could be the family's computer, but the parents don't use her much so she's left to the kid. 995 could have been their first computer, and they didn't feel the need to change.)

so if Sec-chan's master is a radical feminist, (perhaps a leader in a movement, or a lesbiean [sp?], or [this might be pushing it, but i'm out of ideas] a rape victim. maybe she was abused, or her dad was a drunk? [.......how did i get to describing me? anyway...] ) who is Hac-chan's master?

and what about some of the others we haven't mentioned yet? we said we were gonna introduce homeko, right?

Aurora Borealis

I was thinking, to contrast with Secchan's master being a feminist, Hacchan's master should be an obnoxious misogynist of a man... which explains Secchan's creative use for a bottle opener!




Allright thank you... If 98 SE user is feminist girl and 98 user is misogynist man, then they'll hate each other, though their OSs would like to be together as ones of similar kind and series, and it will be Protagonist's task to beat their superstitions out of their heads and establish a peace or at least cease fire between them... Poor boy indeed... Or something like that. Alright, now I have all info I need; two days more. < Report ends >


Allright, here it is - this project's framework. It lacks numbers, though, but it contains all info we have on this project. I've made it in Microsoft Word 97/2000 format, which should be readable on any platform. Also I don't really know a good English-language file hosting, so I uploaded it into the first one Google mentioned, sorry if it doesn't work:


If you're gonna comment it, then please quote the part you want to comment so everyone will know what the talk is about. Of course, any suggestions and corrections are welcome. As all fixes will be ready (and I'm sure there *will* be errors), this version of framework will be accepted as basic intsruction we all will stick to. When we get additional info, like locations list, or better profiles on characters, we'll add it here, but for the info already present we'll make only minimal changes; such a method is reccomended for projects like this one.

Anyway, that's it for today, going for my rest.


PROTIP: Use attachments (in archives) for that purpose. <3

Comments later, after Toast Skagen.

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Maybe you should post your visual novel concepts in the Ren'Py forum, in the works in progress....
"Life begins with a disk drive"


mnmm, i read in mornin'. i'm sleep and i just found out i have to fumigate my closet. >__<; stupid cat.....
anyhoo, i read tomorrow. lemme know if i'm contributing in any way.


Well, since the Framework posted above wasvery much ignored, I thought that I would not wait for comments and corrections and returned to work. Got some ideas for another character sketch, this time for Windows 95 User and her OS.
But when I started working on it, an obstacle appeared; an old friend of mine who's studying in Medical University asked me to translate some anathomic maps for him, so I won't be available for some time.
Still waiting for comments though; you know, in this Framework were summaries on every character I thought about for this moment. I cannot believe that I haven't done any mistakes that need to be corrected in it. I can't proceed with this project without your corrections, you know?

So, that's it for today's report.


srry. i'm meaning to read it, but i have mah own problems right now :[
and my computer's ram total is....well.....pathetic.


Well... I have a few suggestions to make in regards to the Visual Novel. I actually had one LAP worth of suggestions. However when I was going to post them... I got both distracted and discouraged from making my post 'cause I wasn't sure whethr some of them were even worth considering. Anyways, let's have a second crack at it.

QuoteThe story is taking place in the year of 2007; such a year was chosen because in this year some of most modern OSs and software that have no clear OS-tan image were still not designed.  
Actually, if you are taking real life references, Windows Vista would have already been released to the public. In fact, Vista was RTMed on Q4 of 2006 and got official release in January of 2007. I remember because I bought my PC some months later which came with Vista. I would look into Os-tan designs for those dates, but that would take a lot of time to get the research done... too much for the benefit of this project. I suggest 2005 as the year of the story, which would keep a "Vista OS Avatar" off the picture and would place XP still as state-of-the-art with the Service Pack 2 update.

QuoteAll events of the game are happening in Futaba City. This city in Japan has become worlds’ common ground for software developers and companies representing them. Most of worlds’ computing companies’ offices are present there; Futaba City is used as a neutral ground for making business and locally test innovations. Therefore, Futaba City is one of worlds’ most technologically advanced cities; high-speed Network bandwidth and reality-augmenting cyberspace are established all along city’s territory for OS Avatars to operate freely and openly.

I'm not seeing that as a good idea, naming a city after Futaba Channel. I have nothing against them, just that their name doesn't feel quite right. I'm not going to suggest names for the city, but I sure know what can Futaba really be... a corporation. Futaba Corporation... now that has a certain ring to it. In any case, they could be the ones that developed the AI software and hardware for implementation within OSes (the "OS Avatar" core system), leaving the OS developer companies with the task of creating their appearance and other kernel and application integration. In that event, then they would be one of the main businesses of the city which brought many other busineses after successfully showing the tech and gaining instant popularity ('cause people love AI).


I would have written more, but I was taken out of my home with short notice. I though, will continue later on to keep things rolling.
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ok, now i HAVE to read it


(it's late, i'm quite busy tomorrow, i'm showing early signs of carpel tunnel so i need to cut back computer use, i'm physically exausted, and i have to get ready for a fight on wed. but perhaps lazy sunday, when i have nothing else to do. :3)

i'm real sorry. i'd explain what's going on in my life right now, but you don't care. i'll detail the ass-whooping tho, cause that's BOUND to be interesting. :3

still no word on who's doing artz.