I think I know how to start an Os-tan related Visual Novel

Started by galiant609, April 06, 2009, 10:32:50 am

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Quote from: "VonDaab"Oscar sounds really fine to me.

Yeah. Oscar Linna, cool name.


So, it's decided then? He'll be Oscar Linna, Master of the Linux OS.


Usually we spell it with a k, so Oskar would be better I think.

Added after 1 minutes:

And romance is not within my portfolio, I'm afraid. I could cook something up, but I wouldn't hope much for it.


man, how long was i gone!? O__O; at any rate, i LOVE the stuff so far, the chara. concepts and such, and magestic, you DO NOT fail with the drawing of the peoples. i do, but you don't.

anyhoo, just thought i'd pop in, and humbly throw my hat in the ring for artstry work. i realize capitan-sama pwns me when it comes to it, but since she dissapeared, i thought that even though i art fail, i'd at least try. it helps me imporve, and fights off this depression i'm in right now. i don't wanna sleep forever like i did last summer. :[

there are gonna be female users, right? sonata seems like she would work best with a kind-hearted female-type-person.


2Everyone: currently working on basic flowchart. Completed chapter 1 (in which Protagonist gets thrown into story and becomes the Master of Windows ME). Feeling ashamed of myself - it's not so much of a work, really, but I'm doint sloooowly. Fell completely ill, so works delayed. I'm terribly sorry. Somehow I get the feeling that this project would last a whiiiiileeeee.... Gotta do something with depression.

QuoteUsually we spell it with a k, so Oskar would be better I think.

Should have guessed... Alright, point taken. Oskar Linna, then.

QuoteAnd romance is not within my portfolio, I'm afraid. I could cook something up, but I wouldn't hope much for it.

There is no place in modern world for romance, I guess... Damn, never mind, I'm depressive right now... Anyway, I guess even a sociopath like myself should have his first time with romantic stories some time... Gotta find some and read, I think.

Quotethere are gonna be female users, right? sonata seems like she would work best with a kind-hearted female-type-person.

Well, yes, there will be female Masters... Currently have two in mind (for Windows 95 and 98 SE). But I think I'll do sketches all myself... Anyway, anybody here can do anything, but I would like to be idea-generator, giving raw materials and basic ideas... Currently I have Win95 Master in mind, I think I could come up with another sketch... But later.

Allright, gotta go, medicine coming up.


Allright, since any society needs no know where their taxmoney go and what its active elements are doing, here is Sinc's daily progress report!

Found some material on visual novel writing; it appears I've been doing wrong. Already having some experience in writing, I just went for standard method: writing continuous storyline. Since visuall novell always contains choices, big block of texts appear basing on it, leading to multiple endings, so standard method is not suitable. Decided to go for another strategy; I'll write basic storyline, inserting choices in every place possible, and then create a table in which I will write how particular choices would affect disposition of particular characters towards the Protagonist. For example:

Let's assume Protagonist is going to have a lunch break in school; he may do it differently. He may:
[CHOICE] - Go into school yard          - Stay in classroom      - Go to the cafe across the road
[RESULT] - He'll meet Win 98 Master - He won't meet anyone - He'll meet Win 95 Master.

With one of choices, the Protagonist will join on of these person, making one of them feel better or worse towards him, or him may not meet anyone at all. Let's assume he went to school yard, met Win 98 Master and her OS, and spent good time with them. Then, at the final situation of the story, Win 98 Master and her OS will more likely help Protagonist, increasing his chances of winning (and chances of "Good Ending"). So that's the system. In other words, the story will end depending on the feel various characters an character groups have towars the main hero.

However, using this method requires knowing all characters, what their resons and beliefs are. I have my own images of every character I though about for the time being, but my images appear to be malformed from time to time. So, I'll request this community to post here their images of OSs and persons who would be suitable as their users. Specifically, I intend to introduce in the story Win 95, Win 98, Win 98 SE, Win 2k, Win XP Pro, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. The following is the short description of my thoughts about them.

Windows 95 - Win 95 is often depicted as Japanese, more specifically - as katana-wielding samurai, and is completely oblivious to the modern technologies, and her user must be old-fashioned and traditious too (something like typical "English lady").
Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE - usually depicted as two twin girl of young age (though I just can't understand which one is SE - in blue or in green outfit). I think that they're cheerful, energetic and lively, just as any junior should be, and are very close to each other (correct me if I'm wrong). Then, their users must be close to each other too (still not necessarily relatives; maybe they're two Japanese kids who were friends since birth or something).
Windows 2000 - clever, cool, dependable an stable, as a professional an caring servant. Her master should be of middle age (or a student after graduation); maybe system administrator in some office.
Windows XP - I don't need help on this one, she's in possession of Protagonist's classmate who's one of your normal troublemakers-in-chief.
Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X - I'm not really into Macs so I just can't guess their character; need help on this one. Though I can say that Mac OS X is flashy and glamourous and her user must be a typical spoiled pop-style kid.

So, I'm requesting help; correct my images and propose your own. Especially on Macs. Then, I guess, that's all with my report.

Update: there's also an advice for project head to make a clear framework in numbers: x characters, y endings, z locations, etc.. I'll move this to the top priority; it's time to make this project systematized, not the work of disoriented volunteers.


Demon Overlord takes to the stage again, due to lack of activity in main cells. This is frustrating.

Anyway...on the masters, then;

2K master - A bright idea for this entire thing would be some centralization. If we're going to have at least some of it centered around a school, I'd make him the school principal or someone else high up in the userspace, so to say. Also makes for wondrously opportunate plot twists.

98's - Green one is SE. With a male protagonist, I most definitely vote for the SE route to be BAD/WORSE END(S) ONLY, because otherwise it's just not right. 98 route is most definitely hard mode, if only for the reason of SE master's presence.

95 vs Sonata drama - Turn the burner up on this one. I smell intrigue, drama and at least one tsundere in this userspace. The oh-so-stereotypical-yet-fitting young lady who (until now) has been shut off from the world in some way is a good way to go for 95's master; cook some blood feud over that with Sonata's master, and we're a go. I would recommend a corporate magnate/heir-type for this position.

I'd also throw in a Homeko master (who's a blatant hikikomori and doesn't necessarily have any own route, but can do as a side-character or support) for the lulz, but maybe that's just me.

Update later on this issue.


i agree with the introduction of homeko. just don't go overboard, we don't want to get arrested for some degree of pedophilia. ^^;

sonata (mac os 9 female version) is very sweet, calm, gentle and kindhearted. also very creative, always painting or playing music. she looks after OSx-kun alot, so maybe paring her up with a rather *eherm* "feminine" guy might actually work better.
when it gets down to it, a feud between macs and windows is nessacary, but how about this, since OSx-tan is usually the more hostile of the 2:

the user of 95-tan is going to be a nice, traditional lady, right? what if we make osx's user (the spoiled pop kid) a younger relative to the 95-user? (i was thinking grandparent and grandchild, but not many grandparents use computers, so suggestions are welcome.) they fight alot over a difference in ideals (older thinks younger is a spoiled brat with no sense of right and wrong who could never survive in the "real world"; younger thinks older is just stuck in the past and overreacting, and should get with the times.), which leads to feud between the users and OSes.

and as for 2k's user, i like the principal idea, but what about this (i thought this up earlier): 2k's user is the CEO of a large office. his head is always buried in his work, and as such 2k has become like his assist-tan. (^^) he is so involved in getting ahead and focused on his work, that he has not realized that his loyal assitant has devolped feelings for him. (i borrowed some of this concept from the relationship between 2 charaters out of the game Thousand Arms--Schmidt and Jeala. Jeala is schimdt's loyal servant, and is so close to him that she has fallen in love with him. schmidt views jeala as nothing more that a servant; he is completely consumed with increasing his dark power. at the final battle, when schmidt is dying, she professes her love for him, and he calls her "nothing but a puppet" and destroys her on the spot. [her theme song is very sad, i'll upload it for you sometime].)
this brings the thought into question, "can OSes love?", and the other question, "is it possible for a human to love an OS?"

hrm, reminding me of chobits a bit.

a good ending (or at least part of one) might involve 2k and her master cuddling as they watch the night sky (stars, shooting star, fireworks, w/e.) it lends hope to the future.

ohh, sorry this is so long. ^^;


Interesting bits about the focus of visual novels, MajesticS. Although I earlier had come to the conclusion that the stories were likely going to be character-centric and that all characters were needed for story development, I shruggesd it off thinking that it was just me... I was wrong about being wrong (that sounds weird no matter how you say it).

For OSX, I suggest an artist. If you want a stereotype, "the artist" fits the OS more than anything else. Most users of Mac I've known do some sort of artistic job, be it writing a novel or outright working on audiovisual content. Artists are often the elitist types, which often come on par with the OS. I should know, I study in a place where Macs would rule if not for the fact that the major 3D software (3ds Max) only works on Windows.

Likely, this will be a boy or girl that is part of the student council and is part of an art club. Like her master, OSX would enjoy taking to the arts, and would often connect to "The Cloud" (Internet) to look for music to inspire her master, as well as provide her with artistic references and data available, save for games which neither seems particularly interested in. Her master's ability with art would be held with high-regard amongst the classmates and might often be sought after by her colleagues for assistance or just reviews on their work. OSX and her master would act with some egocentric air to them, although not intentionally every time as they are accustomed to high-class standards.

This lifestyle of <Master> and OSX comes into direct conflict with the other "OS Avatars" (had to give them a name, they need one), which for some reason never look to them like the big deal. when in a heated discussion about "which is the better OS Avatar", they may go as far as call them second-rate (Windows family) and third-rate (Linux/Unix) trash, and that OSX is the best OS Avatar because they won't go unstable. This is also one situation to use player choices on, as you might have point OSX and her master to befriend you, as well as let them know where the current OSX Avatars come from and tell them in a humble manner who are actually the more popular OS Avatars around, as well as note them on what others can do that their's seem to fail at.

This also presents an opportunity to make references at the Vista and Seven, the more controversial Avatars. You know, saying something about them and present the views of the Masters of the older OS Avtars.

Wow, it seems I made up strange terms for things that are already named. "The Cloud" would be used likely by the OS-tans themselves, referring to it as a physical place rather than a virtual network of computers exchanging data all the time. "OS Avatars" will likely be used by the Masters rather than the OSes themselves, referring to their visual appearance and how they perceive them to be (they may be just AI with AR avatars, but to people they would look just like other people, just not physically there, thus avatars).

I guess I'll leave it at that. I might draw something up tomorrow and show it to you guys... if I can.
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Aurora Borealis

Your ideas for Mac OSX-tan and her master seem accurate! Ahahaha... I confess to being a Mac OSX user and an artist but I swear I'm not an elitist!

BTW, can I recommend there being a few more Mac-tans than just OS9-tan and OSX-tan to balance things out, and also how about a few more other Linux Distro-tans (such as Linspire-tan who is represented as a Windows-tan fangirl)?  And also how about an OS/2-tan and her master who would make for some powerful antagonists determined to destroy the Windows-tans?

I mean, the Mac-tans, Linux-tans and others can usually tolerate the Windows-tans but OS/2-tan has a full-fledged vendetta against them! Imagine that for an antagonist and imagine trying to convince them to ally with you to fight against the true enemies and their malware!


Wow... What a lot of info you brought. Alright, please forgive me I'm not giving my thoughts right now; I've got to process all that you told and it will make some time ^_^ Anyway, there are much interesting ideas. Give me a few days to establish framework and concept ideas of *all* characters. You may keep with suggesting, by the way. Sinc out.


i agree, but one also must take the OS's personality into account. OSx has always been a little quick to bomb windows-tan, so maybe a hothead. ^^

i think of sonata as more of the artist, so maybe paring her up with a male art school student?
what do ya think?


I think this idea is really good. Only what will the male art student be like?

And about 95:

I think she should be like Lilly Satou from Katawa Shoujo. A VN. Basically Lilly is a girl like 95, but she is only 15-17 years old. Lol. Also, she can be aggressive at some points, but mostly she is calm. ^-^ This would fit in top the story, because one user (sorry I can't remember names that well) said that most old people don't use computers.

Please respond!
"Life begins with a disk drive"


Now, daily report. I apologize for anyone who may wait for any response or results from me, but I think it should wait until the so-called "framework" is established. I assure anyone that all posts here are read and all suggestions considered and will be answered, but a bit later (beat me if I won't). I'm currently working on it; it will contain short technical info (engine, gameplay style, used media), story description (world technology background, main story location, known locations for backgrounds) and character profiles. It's recommended to use such a framework as a basic instruction and stick to it, so its entries will be more or less final (at least when this community approves such version of a framework).

But actually, I have to ask you for help once again. First, for the technical info: there are two types of Visual Novel games, NVL and ADV. The first one is where the text is displayer above the images of both background and characters (like in Tsukihime). ADV is when the biggest part of screen is background with characters, and text is displayer in a small window below. Which one is better, on your opinion?

Next, I really have no ideas about Win 98 and Win 98 SE Users. Asthese two OSs are displayed as twins, their users should be very close to each other as well, but that's as far as I can tell. Plus, NejinOniwa-sama, why do you think 98 Route is "hard mode" and should be put into "worse ending"?

Now, that's it for my today's report.


The reason for the BAD END can be put into a single picture, I believe.

BAD END certificate get for SE route, for sure. 98's route, due to being so close with SE, should be harder for that reason as well (you'll have SE interfering all the time if you try, etc).