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Title: RonixOS-tan
Post by: Triplex on April 26, 2019, 01:00:36 am
RonixOS-tan is a young Linux distro who looks like an 18yo girl, design started on April 20th 2019. Everything started as a collection of bash scripts on an Arch Linux laptop being designed by a 17yo boy who recently got his wisdom teeth removed and was bored at the time. RonixOS-tan is a complete tomboy and loves being rough from time to time when it comes to bugs and software issues. Sometimes she rejects installing packages because they all try to add the file /usr/share/info/dir. Being built from the ground up has it's advantages like the packages are all designed for the OS which means better compatibility. Ronix's dev tools are 3 simple bash scripts; rxbuildpkg, rxbuildrepo, and rxstrap. rxbuildpkg compiles a package that uses the RXPKG format of file. rxbuildrepo compiles a bunch of packages together to create a repository for her opkg package manager. rxstrap creates a root file system which can be used to create new systems and install her onto computers. Currently, she has no Linux kernel package which means she's not entirely bootable but she awaits the day for her to be a bootable operating system.
Title: Re: RonixOS-tan
Post by: Triplex on May 09, 2019, 12:17:56 am
RonixOS became bootable on May 3rd, 2019. First public alpha testing starts some time in the summer of 2019. The operating system's logo was created by a friend on Discord and was sent on May 5th of 2019 through a direct message. The logo is physically shown as a hairpin and on her belt making it easy to recognize her. Her hair can be describe as rough hair with a short cut to it, she also wears a belt that has the system's release version on it with a black background and the buckle has the logo on it too.