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Title: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 12, 2011, 09:15:31 am
The Nimrod Brigade.
To some, the ultimate endpoint for humans falling down the ladder of society.
To some, the greatest threat to their lives.
To some, the last and only place they can call "home".
To most, just an unsightly band of human, mutant-hating thugs.
But not to all...

The Progenitor's Grave is the name of the campaign I'm writing for you guys, and it starts in a dirty Hindenburg bar - with the PC's suffering from severe hangovers, and even more severe cases of memory loss. They can't remember anything about what they've done in the last six months, or each other for that part - and things further back are a bit hazy too. All in all - something isn't quite right here...
...and I get a LOT of less to translate for you since you don't need to have much background info on anything at all. SuperbJUST AS PLANNED!

I can tell you guys right now - I'm planning on making this campaign pretty damn long, and open-ended in case we want to do another one with the same characters. I mean, a demon can dream, can't he? ^^
Anyway. Players and interestees, report in here and I'll help you with the character generation process over Skype. TO THE FORBIDDEN ZONE WE RIDE!

BASIC INFO SHEET reposted from overview thread

Welcome to post-apocalypse Scandinavia, where everything is crazy and wants to kill you in five to eight different ways. And/or eat your weapons. (no, seriously, they do that.)
The gameworld encompasses a fairly small part of Northern Europe, with a lot of radioactive holes and wastelands in it. A LOT, seriously. But for simplicity's sake let's ignore the most of that, and stick to the main part of the setting - the Pyri Communion.

Or, well, to be exact - the Pyri Communion and its bordering lands, including the city-states Göborg (Gothenburg) and Moss, the raider-infested no man's lands of Frihetens Slätter (Plains of Freedom) and the towns it encompasses, as well as Pyri's main military rivals - Gotland and Ulvriket (Wolfreich, formerly known as Denmark).

Now then. Those big, ominous circles you see? Those are the Forbidden Zones - or more straightforwardly, nuclear wastelands. They house a good blend and large variety of things you do not want to meet, things you definitely do not want to meet and things you want to find and whisk away to sell for credits at the markets of Hindenburg and Pirit. And other things you want. Like laser guns! Who wouldn't want one? The problem, of course, is that you have to get past a good number of nightmare creatures, unfriendly mutants and homicidal robots to get to them...and you're armed with muskets and swords. Sound fun?

Don't worry, though - that's not all you're armed with. After all, what would a game called Mutant be without, well - Mutants?
The peoples of the land are of many different kinds, but to generalize there are 4 distinct groups - classes for you to choose between.

First we have the regular Mutant Humans and Animals - physically altered from their normal form and, in the latter case, granted sentience and the ever-important twiddlethumbs and trigger fingers. Somehow. Hell knows how those moose mutants operate a gun...
In any case, the MH/MA class have Powers called Mutations (no shit, Sherlock), that range from multiple limbs, double brains (sorta), suction cups, photosynthesis, poison, poison immunity, WINGS AND FIREBREATH AND SO ON. You get the deal.
Politically the MH/MA are the working force of the nation, the rank and file of society - they are the Lower Class, except for some who managed to fiddle their way upward by way of skills, kills or a bit of both.

Then we have the Non-mutated Humans (NMH). These guys are, or at least claim to be, the Heirs of the Apocalypse. They've got the brains, the power, the flair, the money, the pizzazz - they're the guys in charge, the Bloody Aristocrats. Their Powers are a bit less diverse, and go under the name Talents. These range from things like connections with the higher strata of society, servants and estates, or an imperial carte blanche; to more defined personal skills like Artistry, Dueling, Strategy and Command. A note: Talents can be purchased by the other classes as well, if they are eligible for it, for increased costs. This represents the bitter truth of the Communion's hierarchy - the emperor is human, and so are 90% of the aristocracy and upper strata. You can get in, but it's going to be tough.

Next we have the Psi-Mutants and their animal counterparts, Mentally Mutated Animals (which sounds really, really stupid, so stick with PSI, please). If the regular mutants are the lower class, PSI/MMA are the outcasts and casteless - feared and hated for their magical powers, they live their lives hiding their true selves, hiding from society or forever seeking recognition where there is very precious little to be found; even less, even, than for the comparatively normal MH/MA.
PSI/MMA have Powers called Psi-mutations (ORLY I WOULDN'T HAVE GUESSED), that range from classics like tele-, cryo- and pyrokinesis, telepathy and astral projection; to things like walking through walls, walking on walls, EMP bursts, manipulation of weather and plants, et cetera. It's magic! But watch out when you use it, or you'll get backlashes in the form of Resonance, afflicting you with things from horrible migraines or sensory overload to brain overheating and death. Or even worse, you'll get spotted by one of PSIPO's hunters, and get their xenophobic hounds on your heels...

Lastly we have the unarguably rarest of the classes in M:UA - the Robots. RBT are the loyal, artificially sentient servants of the upper echelons - in most cases, anyway. The Robot Laws, hardcoded into every robot's core circuits, dictate that a Robot is not allowed to harm a human, and must follow their orders - however, if one is so inclined (or On A Mission) mutants and beasts are generally considered Not Human and thus fair game, and there are even some units who have had their behavior limiters removed to ensure no pesky humans can stand in their way - all the more, making for a strange, exotic class of beings that nobody fully understands anymore.
Robots have Powers called Options. They are the things that define them, that sets them apart - the various physical parts and abilities that separate them. Options range from subtle things like intercoms, sensor suites, microscope eyes and translation units - to cooler things like eye lasers, weapons platforms, wheels or maglev units.


You start with rolling 3d6 for your ABILITY scores, then you choose your CLASS and PROFESSION, then you ASSIGN your ability scores, then you purchase POWERS with your 30 Character Creation points, then you increase your SKILL RANKS with your remaining CP, then you ROLL your starting MONEY, then you BUY STUFF with your starting money, then you finish it off with making a brief little DESCRIPTION of your character with bio/portrait on the back of the chara sheet.


Energy Weapons
Sleight of Hand
Martial Arts
Heavy Weapons
(Criminal) Underworld

Bodybombing (wrestling)
Claymore Fighting (Albion Badgers ONLY)


From the Core Rulebook
Administrator (Education, Riding, Technology, Dodge, Wagon)
Laborer (Lockpicking, Riding, Games, Dodge)
Aristocrat (NMH ONLY; Education, Riding, Games, Technology, Dodge)
Farmer (Repair, Games, Dodge, Wagon, Wilderness)
Trader (Education, Technology, Wagon, Underworld, Dodge)
Artisan (Education, Repair, Games, Technology, Dodge)
Hunter (Boat, Traps, Wilderness, Dodge, Zoneology)
Knowmaker (Education, Technology, Science, Repair, Dodge, Zoneology, Wilderness)
Doctor (Education, Medicine, Technology, Dodge, Wagon)
Police (Riding, Education, Games, Underworld, Dodge)
Postilion (Courier OR Heliographer; Education, Riding, Technology, Dodge, Wilderness)
Seaman (Education, Boat, Repair, Games, Dodge)
Soldier (Repair, Games, Explosives, Martial Arts, Heavy Weapons, Dodge)
Thief (Sleight of Hand, Traps, Lockpicking, Underworld, Dodge)
Explorer (Riding, Technology, Dodge, Wilderness, Zoneology)

From the Mutants classbook - generally best when combined with certain mutations
Agitator (Education, Repair, Riding, Underorld, Dodge)
Fixer (Educaon, Sleight of Hand, Games, Underworld, Dodge)
Forger (Education, Sleight of Hand, Repair, Technology, Underworld, Dodge)
Lawwrangler (AKA Lawyer; Education, Riding, Games, Underworld, Dodge)
Fraud (Education, Sleight of Hand, Riding, Games, Underworld, Dodge)
Assassin (Traps, Knifefighting [small-blade fighting skill that replaces Melee when applicable], Lockpicking, Medicine, Martial Arts, Underworld, Dodge)
Mobster (Riding, Games, Knifefighting, Underworld, Dodge)
Pirate (Boat, Repair, Underworld, Dodge, Wilderness)
Bounty Hunter (Traps, Riding, Martial Arts, Dodge, Underworld, Wilderness)
Private Eye (Education, Sleight of Hand, Lockpicking, Underworld, Dodge)
Bandit (Vehicle [Motor Marauders only], Traps, Riding, Underworld, Wilderness, Zoneology)
Junktrader (Repair, Riding, Technology, Dodge, Wagon, Wilderness, Zoneology)
Combatant (Bodybombing [wrestling], Knifefighting, Games, Martial Arts, Underworld, Dodge)
Smuggler (Boat, Underworld, Ride, Dodge, Wagon, Wilderness)
Servant (Education, Repair, Dodge, Riding, Wagon)
Entertainer (Education, Sleight of Hand, Riding, Underworld, Dodge, Wagon)
Vagabond (Boat, Riding, Dodge, Wagon, Wilderness, Zoneology)

From the Humans classbook - generally only suitable for upper-class humans, with certain talents
Agent (Education, Riding, Underworld, Dodge, Explosives, Martial Arts)
Commander (Education, Riding, Saberfencing [special melee with sabers], Games, Martial Arts, Dodge
Dilettant (Education, Riding, Games, Fencing [with rapiers], Dodge)
Champion (Education, Martial Arts, Underworld, Fencing, Dodge)
Luckseeker (Education, Riding, Games, Fencing, Dodge)
Artist (Education, Games, Underworld, Dodge)
Cattle farmer (Traps, Repair, Riding, Wagon, Dodge, Wilderness)
Gamer (Education, Games, Underworld, Sleight of Hand, Dodge)

In addition to the skillsets, the Professions also give you starting money. The formula is as follows: 2t4 d10 (so 2-8 d10s depending on roll) Credits, plus a bonus of 20-70 Credits depending on your profession.

LIST OF MUTATIONS (powers for MH/MA class)

Abnormal body part
Lightning reflexes
Pack animal
Double brain
Energy absorbent body
Lone Wolf
Multiple bodyparts
Herd animal
Gills and webs
Hunting Instinct
Climate Adapted
Body manipulation
Life sense
Natural weapon
Compass head
Robust (increases Trauma Threshold)
Voice manipulation
Silverskin (reflects heat)
Sonar attack
Sturdy (increases HP)
Suction cups
Superb sense
Acid spitter
Telescope eyes
Vibration sense
Widened Field of Vision

TALENTS - Powers for NMH class

Alternate identity
Position of power
Old Friend
Secret Society
Blackmail material
Imperial Carte Blanche

(melee) Damage Bonus: a table depending on your SIZ+STR. Common values: 15-16 = -1d3, 17-18 = -1d2, 19-20 = -1, 21-23 = 0, 24-25= +1, 26-27=+1d2, 28-29=+1d3, 30-33+1d4, 34-37+1d6 and so on
Initiative Bonus = your DEX, modified by some mutations though like Small or Lightning Reflexes
Load Capacity = your STR, modified by some mutations like Pack Animal
Reaction Value = 10x your CHA in % (rolls against 1d100)
Fame/Status starts at 0 unless you pick the corresponding Talents to start out famous/highborne
Movespeeds - SPRINT is = to your Size + DEX per round; Size+DEX/2 for Run and Size+DEX/5 for Battle (aka walking speed). If you have Flying Wings (Wings II only, not I) all speeds are reduced by 1/5th. These values are modified by mutations like Abnormal Bodypart:leg, Sprinter, Multiple Bodyparts:Legs and so on.
Hit Points = your PHY + Size. This is modified by the mutation Sturdy (x1.5)
Trauma Threshold = your HP/2. This is modified by the mutation Robust (x1.5)
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: Chocofreak13 on November 12, 2011, 06:28:32 pm
yo. how's a russian squirrel-cat mutant sound? with some guns. -w-
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: Bella on November 12, 2011, 06:56:19 pm
I'm playing a (Scotch?) badger, since badgers = doing whatever the hell you want.
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: Chocofreak13 on November 12, 2011, 07:12:12 pm
badgers = mammals. :3
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 12, 2011, 07:37:10 pm
Russian? Not really very doable, since AFAIK all there is over there is radioactive wasteland and cossack mutants. But Squirrelcat, sure, whatever floats your boat! Best describe things proper though.

And to be precise, Bells: The Badgers of Albion live in the two settlements of Stavehome and Mountainside, on the westernmost coast of Norway - for some reason they made their way there from Albion (Scotland) despite their distaste for the sea and water in general. So yes, scottish badgers, with feodal society and clans and all. They even have claymores. There's even a special skill for claymore fighting. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo. And that's WITHOUT mentioning their bird-beast mounts...don't think they can fly, but be sure they're still very able to fuck you up bad. BEAK TO THE HEAD.
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: Chocofreak13 on November 12, 2011, 08:06:09 pm
Kolinsky are actually Russian Minks, whose tail fur is plucked to make $50 paint brushes. but yeah, squirrelcat. i liek it.
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 12, 2011, 10:57:47 pm
REGARDLESS! Tomorrow I'm thinking of having up and going for a big character workshop. Ready up for it!
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 13, 2011, 01:20:52 pm
REPOSTED Basic info sheet for properness.
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 14, 2011, 09:26:37 pm
UPDATED with info on formulas for calcing secondary attributes (the ones below the abilities).
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: NejinOniwa on December 01, 2011, 08:58:22 pm
Apparently it's finals now, so things dying off was a bit expected. If someone wants to finalize CC, poke me - otherwise I'll start randomly poking at you guys in a week or two.
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 11, 2012, 07:39:57 pm
The campaign is getting ready for a start, ladies and gentlemen. I will be poking around for recruiting and character creation starting tomorrow. Interestees (old and new) report/confirm interest here or I will personally hunt you down, hurr hurr.

We'll see when we start the campaign, as we've already got one Skypetable going. However, I'd appreciate it if we were done with character creation by the end of the month.
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: Penti-chan on June 11, 2012, 10:54:14 pm
I'm not really interested in this one, to be honest. The setting isn't quite my cup of tea, so I'll stand aside for this one.

Everybody else involved, have fun :3
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 11, 2012, 11:34:06 pm
so long as it doesn't interfere with my other skypetabling duties (heh, duties), i'm in. though i'd like to run some practice rolls and whatnot to get a better feel of the system. :\
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 12, 2012, 04:53:24 am
Aside from damage rolls, which are your basic x Dy + z rolls, everything uses the D100 system. Skill values are in %, and when you make a roll on your ability scores you multiply that by a certain number depending on how difficult a roll it is (x7 for easy rolls, x5 for normal, x3 for hard and x1 for "impossible" - so if your Strength ability score is 10 an Easy roll would give you a temporary value of 70% on that roll, 50% for normal and so on). 100's are botches and fuck you up badly. Aside from that your firearms have a Reliability value, which is essentially the botch/jam/explode spontaneously range of it (a reliability of 97 gives you a botch for any result of 97 or above). The Perfect Roll range of any given skill is 10% of its skill value; thus, if your Rifles skill is 60%, your Perfect Roll range is up to 6%.

Really, the biggest thing you need to get your heads into is the setting; Mutant Scandinavia is a pretty damn ugly place when it wants to. You can literally stumble across anything from bumblebees the size of a truck and giant city-eating worms, to a platoon of Terrorrobot model Shooter (or even a stray Screamer). And that's without mentioning the hostility of the native mutants and humans...

So be ready for anything, folks. -w-
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 12, 2012, 10:45:26 am
that sounds fucking complicated.
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 12, 2012, 01:39:33 pm
It's not. Let me give you an example:

Kållgert the mutant fox is being bullied by two brigadists (xenophobic gangsters, members of the anti-mutant pro-human Nimrod Brigade) in the backstreets of Hindenburg. Fortunately Kållgert is a rather experienced fox, and knows how to use his two .45S pistols better than most - and the ruffians only have lead pipes and big bodies to back themselves up.

Being a sly, fast fox Kållgert draws his guns quickly (won the initiative) and fires at one of the ruffians with his right gun. His Pistol skill is 69%, and he makes his d100 roll - 45. He hits. Rolling a d6 for targeting, he gets a 6 - headshot. Then he rolls 2d8 for damage, and lands a 7 and an 8 - 15 damage right to the head of the ruffian.
As the ruffian is a burly type with a sturdy physique he manages to avoid dying on the spot from the wound (His total HP is his Size plus Physique, 15+14=29) the damage still exceeds his Trauma Threshold (total HP/2=14, rounded down). Thus he suffers a critical injury to the head, knocking him out instantly and probably giving him severe damage that only with good luck can be restored to normal.

One ruffian out for the count, he decides to try his luck on the second one as well. Since this is his second offensive action during the same turn, he gets a -25% modifier on it; added to that he has to use his offhand skill for Pistol, which only has a value of 40% (offhand skills such as Left Hand Pistol count as Trained rather than Natural, and are purchased separately). He thus has to roll 15 or less to hit. He rolls a d100 and gets 29 - a miss. The remaining ruffian is not quite as cocky anymore however, as his mate was clocked for good (or so it seems at least) in one shot - and thus he runs off screaming. Kållgert walks off smiling smugly. Another day for the Lion!

Pretty simple. It's just that it can get pretty intricate when you do many things at the same time. ^^
Title: Re: /OSC/ Skypetable RPG - The Progenitor's Grave (M:HttA Campaign)
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 16, 2012, 10:55:26 pm