Where is the OS-tan tankoubon?

Started by Wild_Magnus, May 12, 2005, 10:58:04 AM

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 Well I had this image of the tankoubon but the image got erased  :( . So I was wondering: where can I find that tankoubon? Is there a way to buy it?

L33t 4g3nt


 I think too..What's.....tankoubon  :wacko:  


 This is what I found out:
QuoteA tankōbon is the Japanese term for a compilation volume of a series (such as a manga or a novel series), as opposed to a magazine or a complete works series that contain multiple series.

Japanese manga is typically published in weekly/monthly compilations (such as Afternoon or Shonen Jump). These compilations often have hundreds of pages and dozens of individual story lines by different authors. Since these weekly/monthly editions are printed on very cheap newsprint, they are considered disposable. Tankobon collect multiple chapters from a single author and reprint them in a roughly paperback-sized volume on higher quality paper.

In English, tankoubon are regularly referred to as graphic novels, especially in reference to manga.

I think I remember what you are talking about, and I probaly had it, but, I lost all my images, so what ever is not in this gallery, I don't have :heh: