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Started by panda, September 17, 2005, 05:24:10 pm

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I take after my dad LOL. Granted, my spirit of choice is Jagermeister (Which mixes fantastically with Moxie in my experience).

Wine is also nice, although the very first time I ever had it, I drank a bit too much and...let's just say the experience was interesting, since I can't exactly talk about it outside of the H section :P


I also take after my dad, I didn't get to spend much time with my mom when I was a kid. Probably not enough for a normal person, I have little to no memory of her in my childhood. Being raised the way I was made it so that I absolutely love girls who are tomboys.
I'm just a guy who uses Arch Linux, wears trenchcoats, and loves girls who are tomboys.


Ew, alcohol. :P

More seriously, I don't drink. I can't stand the taste and people on the spectrum tend to be belligerent drunks.


I can take some alcohol, but too much and I'll either start babbling about nonsense, feel plain sick or just fall asleep quickly. Not worth overdoing it.


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Quote from: Halian on April 30, 2019, 01:37:45 amMore seriously, I don't drink. I can't stand the taste and people on the spectrum tend to be belligerent drunks.

Really? I'm autistic myself and I would consider myself fun, at least when buzzed. Maybe a bit tired though.

I guess if I drank when I was mad, I'd probably be a more angry drunk, but whenever I drank, it was while I was already in a good mood. For me at least, I wouldn't want to drink when mad, especially since alcoholism runs in my family.

That being said, a lot of alcoholic beverages tend to taste awful. I've had rum fairly recently, and I quite like it. I know I've said I like spirits in general in the past, though.

Edit: Not to say you have to drink alcohol if you don't want to, but my dad has used that exact logic to get me to not drink, when what I have to do is more simple: not drink when mad.


I had a few sips of 100 proof plum brandy. It was like drinking lighter fluid aaaaa.


@Bella: Sounds like my experience drinking scotch for the first time xD

As for me, I tend to be a tad more clumsy when drunk (Not falling over, but just feeling disoriented), and also tend to shitpost even more than I usually do if I'm in a good mood when I start LOL


Just made a new account because I couldn't remember my login in. It's Simon. How is everyone?


It's going pretty good. How about yourself?


Welcome back dude. If you wanna recover your old account Goujer may be able to help.