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Started by panda, September 17, 2005, 05:24:10 PM

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Aurora Borealis

Can someone post or PM me the Discord link? I didn't start using Discord until a few weeks ago.
I miss how active these forums and this fandom used to be, and I went through a nostalgia trip yesterday looking at OS-tan stuff again here and on DA. I've been so busy with full time work and my original comic series that this has been out of my mind for a long time.


Why do I pay for this? /s


I guess then I may have mistaked you "irl" for someone else than Kari (Choco), or you just have not gotten back to my PM. I'd hope for your safety with your family either way though. Oh-well. :-\

Just an update here at the 'Crossroads of the West' in the USA!  ;D


--GUI @2019


That yellow makes me want to scream.


* lurks in the shadows *     huehuehue...


I have a trip coming up in a few weeks. My body is ready :3


Trips are nice! I don't have any proper trips lined up, just a local judge conference on Saturday. Last weekend, I went to a local anime convention and it was a blast, even if I had to skip Sunday due to leg pain.

On the topic of Discord, which was brought up earlier: Could someone please PM me a permanent invitation to the Discord server, or at least one that won't expire for at least a week? I had asked Bella for one through other channels some time ago, but I ended up not seeing it until it had already expired. :/


Nice. My trip is to go to an anime convention, actually :3


Performa Classic

I was helping my mom get some shelving liner out of a tube, and it was a pain to get rid of.

Tried pushing it out with scissors (not a good idea generally), but it was not making a dent, so I grabbed a container of wipes that was just the right size, and I started pushing on the table to no avail.

So then I started slamming it, wipe-side first, on the ground until the liner could be pulled out, which wasn't long.

If you need a reason to keep disinfectant wipes on your desk at all times, here's a good reason. Not really


Noted xD

So I discovered just how compatible Microsoft Word can be; I made a file on Word 1.15 (MS-DOS, 1984) and carried it over to my dad's laptop, with Word 2016 (Windows 8.1), and it read the file without issue. I love it when this level of compatibility exists :3

Performa Classic

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@Penti-chan I want screenshots. xD

Like this post!


Quote from: VolareVia on March 26, 2019, 10:16:13 PM@Penti-chan I want screenshots. xD

Like this post!

Ungh, I'm getting mad nostalgia from the Office 2003 slide.

Performa Classic


I remember using that in school and being awed that it was so new and exciting, and how, when I was in second grade, the 98 machines still had the old version of Office (either XP or 2000)

I also remember thinking Office 97 was more modern than Office 2000 due to the fact that a computer I grew up with had Excel 97 and Word 2000 at the same time, and I felt the Excel 97 icon was more futuristic than the Word 2000 icon.


I'll get pics on my next day off :3

Also, Office 2003 is honestly my go-to for most systems xD