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Started by Alex S, September 12, 2008, 07:46:34 pm

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Aurora Borealis

Quote from: "Alex S"*Gives CPR to thread*

Thought I should at least post here before 2009, but I'm not just bumping, I actually have some ideas.

What if FreeBSD-tan met and subsequently tried to eat the calcu-tans? That would make another good non-chronological comic.

Excellent observations! (and I am SOOOOOOO SORRY that I still haven't drawn any new calcu-tan sketches lately!)

FreeBSD-tan can eat nearly ANYTHING, and surely that applies to tiny people! In fact, that is why Damn Small BSD-tan (her tiny little sister) is scared of her! So if FreeBSD-tan met the calcu-tans, disaster would probably ensue unless there are several calcu-tans well-equipped with projectile weapons.

QuoteAnd kind of late, but what if Mac System 2-tan and TI-73-tan met? Mac System 2-tan would probably try to converse with TI-73-tan's pet mallard, but would either fail or miscommunicate.

It would be strange since Mac System 2-tan can be difficult to understand (or even listen to for that matter!) but I'm sure they would appreciate each other's fondness for ducks! :D

Alex S

*looks around thread*
*is disappointed by amount of dust*

Um, no posts in a while here.

I haven't had any ideas for much of anything OS-tan or calcu-tan related for a while, so no images this time.


HP-12C-tan and HP-12C Platinum-tan
They would be the accountants for the HP calcu-tans, and would be a little slow, but the most reliable of the HP calc-tans, at least on calculating payments.
Hp-12C Platinum-tan would be the little sister of HP-12C-tan, and they would dress similarly, except that Platinum-tan would have more metal in her outfit. They would have good memory (especially compared to some of their family) and would be able to figure out how best to sequence complex tasks.

She would be like her sisters, 83Plus-tan and 84Plus-tan, except more advanced, able to both act exactly like 84Plus-tan, and at other times, able to perform strategic calculations at the same level as 89-tan.  She would dress in light blue, gray and white. She would also be able to communicate with their clients more easily. She would be more of a secondary character, less seen than the 'main' cast, due to the higher price of the real life calculator (i.e. not seen as much as main cast but more than TI-50 series.)


I just had a good idea for a calculator-tan.

Some quick history, the HP 35 was the first hand held electronic scientific calculator, it had a defect from calculating the square root of two and was in Reverse Polish Notation operation. It had a short battery life, but almost as durable as a hammer. She would be like a slightly politically incorrect older sister and speaks in a reverse grammar speech, due to her RPN. Just like Japanese grammar to English, backwards.  

The HP 50g is the top graphic calculator from anyone, with a high level programming and SD card slot. The calculator has a high performance, and also requires a high degree of performance from the user. I think it should have a tsundere personality due to her in use can throw curve ball if the user misses a setting flag or a RPN stack entry. Highly elegant and conservative, can speak a variety of languages, (Reverse Polish-Lisp, C++, ARM assembly and Algebraic function), has three I/O ports (IRDA, USB and RS-232), very backward compatible with older devices and programming. In a three color dress, orange, white, and black, with gray outlines. Can be a mediator, but very temperamental, and eats a lot of AAA's.

The HP 35s is a little more immature to the 50g, she has a greater number of physical constants, and has a RPN and ALG modes. It's two line display shows the X and Y register of the stack, and is similar to the HP 34 in looks, but has 32k of ram. 256 program names, numerical integration, X solve, and some other neat features. A complex programmable scientific calculator. A true little sister to the HP 50g, like a HP 34 of 1978, just a slightly updated version. Her colors are blue, orange, red and brown.

I have a HP 50g and a HP 35s. I was thinking over past couple of days that a original HP 35 would have a little sister called the HP 35s that would show the differences from the first one while showing the immaturity of the HP 35, also a contrast to the older, mature HP 50g from the HP 35s. I think this should give a shout out to the HP fans.
I may have to "innovate" this thing I have near me!

So what if it is like THAT, I\'ll just ignore it.

My Shameless Promotion

Alex S

I got some inspiration and was able to actually sketch something.


New idea:

What if HP-01-tan and whichever Mac-tan that currently has the Time Machine watch met?


aw, i think your doodles are cool! really cool! :3

btw, almost donw with a few of the fake-tans. hope you like em'. :3 (i think xana-kun came out pretty good! <D)

Alex S

Thanks! I can't draw people but I can draw stuff!

I'm thinking about doing something with the TI calcu-tans' spaceship, but I don't have any more ideas than 'make look like TI83/84+Phoenix ship', i.e. |/\| I'm also stuck on the HP calcu-tans' method of transportation. *cracks up at prospect of flying printer* Did HP do any work on any type of vehicles? I also have no ideas for Casio calcu-tans.

Alex S

It's been nearly a month, but I have new Calcu-tan stuff.

First is Solar Calc-tan (also known as Generic Calc-tan.)  I tried to incorporate blue, black and gray into her design, but added some random colors because solar calculators can be found in a ton of colors.  Her sleeves are ringed by solar panels. Her hairclip is based on the symbols at the left side of the screen of a solar calculator.  She has the exponent boomerang and division quarterstaff in this sketch.

Next is HP-01-tan. She has gold trim on her clothes an helmet and has a green shirt.  She's holding her hour-hand sword/stylus and has the other two in scabbards that are strapped to her back.

I also drew two versions of Widows Calc-tan (normal outfit and fighting outfit,) but the scanner I was using screwed up on only those two images and cut off Solar Calc-tan's shoes in the third image on that page, but that wasn't an important part of the sketch.

I know my sketches aren't that good, but they're way better than what I could draw before.  I can't draw eyes/noses yet, so that's whay HP-01-tan has her visor down.

And no, I'm not letting this idea die.


I now have a successful scan of one of the failed images.

Windows Calc-tan: Battle Outfit.  She would wear this when she gets involved in non-surprise fighting. Her main outfit is a dress, which is not good for fighting, but it could be done.  I actually don't know where I got the idea for the colors of her clothing for, but I think she came out O.K.

The image of Windows Calc-tan in her normal outfit failed again, although is was successful before I unplugged the USB drive it was stored on from the scanner computer. Something is wrong here...

Alex S

I finally got an un-f***ed up scan of Windows Calc-tan's normal outfit.

Once again, I'm not sure why I picked the colors I did for her, I think sha came out pretty OK.