MorphOS-TAN 2.0 candidates... (HELP)

Started by Raffaele the Amigan, May 21, 2008, 02:17:20 pm

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Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!

The shading/highlighting on MOS-chan is excellent, I really like her wings/hair decorations. AROS-chan is adorable, as always...but I have to say the part that caught my attention detail-wise is the job you did on MOS 2.0-chan's dress! I have to say, you have really picked up how to draw and shade folds well! The animals are a cute touch, as well.

Raffaele, as for your problems downloading it, were you logged in at the time? Because I downloaded it with no problems...

Raffaele the Amigan

Quote from: "Bella"
Raffaele, as for your problems downloading it, were you logged in at the time? Because I downloaded it with no problems...

Thank you...

I downloaded it.

Here is the history:

I were logged... The page was loaded but no link was active...

Then I discover there is a button down side of the page, saying download that in the very first moment was not shown, neither sensed by mouse...

Only when the page was sure full loaded with all images then it became active.

Are these problems common in Opera browser I am using??? BOH??? Who knows???  ;018

Also it appear the Download link saying it is SVG file, but Opera download it assuming it is XML file...  ;026

Fortunately I am enough acculturated in computers and I simply renamed it... No problem. I got it.


About Mount Washington...

Is it recognizabe that the image was a rendered 3D Mount Washington?

I don't know where is the most important sightseeing place from which to see the mount...

So I tried to positioning the virtual camera in various places all around the DEM altitude file, until I found a place that seems me very similar as the place shown in the photo of Mt. Washington from Wikipedia...

I am afraid I could had rendered it as a common mountain without any personality...

Is the Mount Washington in the rendered image almost recognizable as being itself?  ;018  ;018

(Just a curiosity to know if I made a good work or not)
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