Anime and Game Addiction: The Legend

Started by Zixaphir, August 23, 2005, 08:07:38 PM

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 ALRIGHT!  Litterate Fictional RP Time!  Time for some splainin'!

Now, basically, this is gonna be a rather shallow RP for the moment (Not that that's ever hurt RPs before), so be prepared for a cliche' begining and stuff.  The basics are this:  Otaku of anime and/or games get sucked into a veggie patch Anime-like world.  The first thing they'll find, is they look cell-shaded (ToS Style) and now look kind of like they would imagine their fictional selves to look like.  For example, I would look like a gothic kid with pale skin and the works and a Katana or something (I'll get into that later, though).  So, lets begin.  You can enter your character into the world any way you want, and gender changing (!) is allowed for your character(s).


"About time!" He thought.  It had just happened, he'd gotten the Game Console of his dreams.  Sure, it wasn't brand name, and sure, it didn't even have many 3rd Party games, but it had something that none of those "Corporate Bastards" could compare with:  It was basically it's own Dev Kit.  Sure, it was also a couple thousand dollars more than a Playstation 2, but the thing was POWERFUL, equiped with what Reviewers said was the best Modeling Software on the planet, and it contained Hardware that most PCs didn't compare with, which was even more the reason for him to get it.  But that didn't matter at the moment, HE had one.

Sure, he himself was no pretty picture to look at (Long brown hair that was so unkept it wasn't funny, constantly tired green eyes, a tall and skinny frame, and the most unhealthy looking pale skin he'd ever seen), but he had IT, and it looked awesome.  It was a half-sphere, red and white like the original Famicom, and it layed on the ground in front of his TV like a ball of energy.  The thing had alien-like designs etched into it's semi-transparent red shell, with those white patches of Plastic wrapping around the system like wings.  He plugged it into the wall, and then plugged the High Definition cords into his TV, turned the TV on, put it on HD-INPUT, then turned on the system... and got this message:

"Welcome to your dreams, You have been selected by whichever God you choose to have selected you to leave your normal life.  Have a fuckin' good time, ya bastard."

He read it for a second... and then the clean, blunt thought of "What the Hell" entered his mind as he felt himself slowly black out as purple and red smoke engulfed him and suffocated him quickly.  Before he could react, he was already out, as the screen flashed one more message.

"I still don't see why YOU were picked, but whatever."


 Roan be coming back from his swordmanship classes holding his bokken in his left hand while still in his training outfit walking down on the streets * errr no city name niether who knows that other char name is * . He decided in his mind to pay a visit to his friend who was fixedated at a new console he just purchased . * From here I dont know is it a home a apartment or what bro you left out alot of stuff ;-;*  


 (Oh, this looks good... this is kinda, RPG, right?)



QUOTE (Agelu @ Aug 24 2005, 03:32 PM)
(Oh, this looks good... this is kinda, RPG, right?) [/quote]
(Yes, this is going to be RPG-like.  Except without all those stats to worry about.)

QUOTE (ShinraKenshin @ Aug 23 2005, 03:03 PM)
From here I dont know is it a home a apartment or what bro you left out alot of stuff ;-;*[/quote]
( XD  Sorry, I was in a bit of a rush.  I meant basically for this to be an other-world RP, how you enter the world is supposed to be your concern.  My way was through an imaginary Console that doesn't exist, I probably based it off Monster Rancher, though...  One could enter through a portal on a wall, in the street, or anywhere else, or find another way, like staring at a particular star then realizing they're "not in Kansas anymore".  My character is in his house, which is basically a Mansion of Sorts because he's rich, to help explain how he got his Game Console that costs a couple grand. )


Okay, Sounds fun!

Assuming, of course, that someone still wants to do it...

Whew! It had been a long day at work, where almost everything had gone wrong. It was late and the sun had set, engulfing the street in darkness, the Electric lamppost buzzing an erie tune. Normally, I would have been very scared, but I was too tired to notice anything as I trudged down the street to my solitary apartment.
"Tadaima..." I said as I entered my apartment, out of habit more than anything. I knew quite well that there was no-one but Yumi-chan (my cat) to welcome me.
I hung up my coat and bag and slumped into my worn swivel chair. I eyed my Manga collection with a resentful eye.
"If only I had time," I though begrudgingly, "But work isn't over yet..."
It was only partly true. I knew I needed sleep more than the work needed done, but I can't leave a project unfinished. I was too nervous to sleep anyway, Finals were tomorrow. I turned on my computer, an old box I'd put together out of even older parts running Windows 2000 Professional, and began to code. It is never a good Idea to code when one is barely coherent, as I was.
"Oh, PageFault!" I said when things went wrong and always started giggling. On my third round of re-writing code I had just written (incorrectly), my computer laughed with me when I giggled.
"Having trouble?" appeared at the bottom of my document
"Yeah," I typed beneath it adjusting my glasses. "I guess I'm just having trouble with this..." The absurdity of talking to my computer had obviously not hit me yet
"Hmmm" My computer said "You need a break, you need to dream..."
With that, a command line interface window opened and began a systematic scan of all my files.
Only, it wasn't my Hard drive. Names of friends or colleges flew by, names of my favorite characters and their series came next. Words relating to painful memories.
"500 Error! What is this!" I exclaimed, springing from my chair
"Sleep" My computer responded
Try as I might, my eyes could not stay open. I felt extremely woozy, and wish I'd never stood up. I fell sideways and landed upon my prized possession, a Mac mini I'd scrimped and saved to buy.
"Wow" I thought with fleeting consciousness "This Mac mini is really soft"
I mumbled this as I fell into a deep, unnatural sleep
- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *


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