IRC - Channel re-registered

Started by Kami-Tux, September 06, 2007, 11:05:56 PM

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Well, one fateful day, the crew on the IRC realized that Chanserv forgot about our Channel #ostan. This meant someone had to re-register it. I simply did it because of all regs I spend most time there. What does this mean for the crew on IRC? not much except now we can set the topic and I can kickban spambots. If Fedora-tan wants his channel back, it won't be a problem, I'll drop it and he're-register it.

Just wanted to tell the good people here in case someone joins!

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


Hmm. That explains it, I was wondering what had happened.