Os-tan figures?

Started by Wild_Magnus, June 27, 2005, 05:01:58 PM

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Ill email Enju and he can make me one after he finishes making me a dup set of rozen maidens.
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go to www.dannychoo.com the site owner is visiting WHF, Wonderfest, etc.

I saw Homeko and 2k tan in normal size, picture only, no shop information. But i don't know when it gonna be released. If PVC, you can wait, but if garage kit....hm...might sold out already...

Maybe you can ask the site owner


I'm looking for a 98-tan figure but I have not any clue where to look, I have tried Google, nothing I would really like a 98-tan figure.

(Note that I'm looking for 98-tan (the girl with dark/black/blue hair and long black gloves) and NOT SE-tan)

If anyone could find a figure of her I would be most grateful!

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Actually, it might not be entirely impossible for a 98-tan figurine to exist.  

Feel free to read the blurb on this page:




I wan't to buy 2K figure...

But the price is so expensive for me...



we all want one!!!


could we like have a figurine gallery or something?
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I think you would  just upload the picture of the figuring to the respective gallery (EX WinXP to the XP-tan gallery)


I just found this one any one know where to get her?

This site has a lot of windows OS-tan wallpapers. (It also has a lot of ecchi things you have been warned)


Ecchi haven.


Ecchi thoughts are bad!


Quote from: "Q4(V)"i know this is old topic but i found some new figures i think:






hey, Q4M, haven't seen ya in a while. ^^

I wonder if I'll find figures at AX.... hrm...


QuoteHere what I found during my past surfing:


Or at this site:


Next one is very gorgeous:


Original making of that resine model:


Is that a catch-all Windows-tan!?
Usually I'm not a huge fan of "catch all"-tans (Mac-tan, Linux-tan, etc...) but I have to admit seeing a Windows one is kinda cool...
Makes me want to do a drawing...;)


these are os of the os tan you can get off ebay:

got this one
ME figure

have this too
Kaiyodo OS Idol Win-chan 2

haven't got this one
Kaiyodo - OS Idol Win chan

haven't got this too
95 me xp girl figure set

another i haven't got
Organic OS-Idol WinChan White Version
OS Idol Win Chan

i be look around for more os tan figures, have been posting much but i'm here sometimes


None of the links work... D: I'd love a figure of Homeo-kun. Pity that they only usually figureify girls.