Os-tan figures?

Started by Wild_Magnus, June 27, 2005, 05:01:58 PM

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 I was wondering since there are all kind of resin figures or model kits can I find a cute or sexy model kit of XP or 2K?
I would like to get some pics or links to the pages where I can buy them?


 If they did there would be so many strange liquids on xp  

L33t 4g3nt

 I think I saw some screen shots of some OS-tan resin models somewhere on sites like 4chan. But that was some time ago, 4chan might have erased the posts with the pictures already.  


 I saw them on the japanese amazon. Don't know of any retailer in the US that sells them.


 I did find this page with plushies and the possible art book that may be coming out this month,  and there's an e-mail you can write to for orders out of Japan, but I dunno.  They said 2k-tan was all sold out. <_<   Here's a figure kit that the people at the Shared~Folder! Manga page have on display Here ... again I'm not sure if you can order it, because if I could, I would soo totally get one.  :neko:   Also might wanna check this link out, came from a link on the first page I posted.
Win2k... I've yet to see a blue screen error... you are the exception to my hatred of Microsoft Windows... thank you. (^o^)V..


 I found the following figure of ME-tan at eBay:


EDIT: okay, the figure shown in the eBay link was already posted by amazing_spork_girl; didn't notice at first, sorry ^^;

And after following FabiaN's hint for Amazon.jp, I found the following three images:



 I'd like to post here to boast around a bit. ^_^

I got my first OS-tan figures today with the Futaba fanbook (coincidentally, it's the same item as in VisualGoth's post just above), which I had bought via eBay from Hong Kong less than two weeks ago. The girls are really lovely, and the Japanese fanbook is a really good read (*cough* as much as I could read ^^; )  as well with a few short stories. Happy happy. ^_^



Woah, i would really like to have something like THAT...  :drool:

Can you show us some scans or pics of that stuff?!? PLEASE!!  =p  

L33t 4g3nt


 Ooh, the 2k-tan figure looks so nice. ^_^ I wonder if those will ever become available on eBay... v_v

Ah, about my figures and photos... ^^; I think I'd have to have someone lend me their camera for those. *cough* I cannot promise anything, but just to add some weight to my boasting, I'll try to find a way to present them. :P


 That would be great, Pitkin...

L33t, Me-tan looks kinda a bit fat... :blink:

...I really wonder what thinks MS about all this stuff... :mellow:

XP... nah, too much RAM, i dislike...

2K looks Great!! The Dependable Woman look!! :rolleyes:  


 Oh yea, those look real nice. I'd buy one if I knew where to get them.


 just for notice... the "big" me-tan plushie got a ribon on her pantie... if you pull on it, she vibrates ^^'

Mata ne


 And how do you know about that?