2ch + YouTube = Nico Nico Douga

Started by SleepyD, August 15, 2007, 08:28:22 PM

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related to the random video topic somewhat: http://ostan-collections.net/topic-313.html

ARGH, I'm addicted to this thing.
Just when I thought I can avoid going on youtube for hours at a time, another site goes and takes its place. In fact, I still don't think I've gotten over youtube and Wikipedia. haha (not that I want to stop going on wikipedia)

well, you do need to register to see the vids:

Now you could figure out what the boxes are for, but if you're lazy:
1) "mail address" or email
2) "nickname"
3) "password"
4) "password (confirmation)"

then click that first button to agree to the agreement you probably don't understand.

then you're done. ^^

and you can watch this if you want to reminisce on old Windows versions:


I love Nico Nico Douga. I've had an account on there for a while. I think I saw some nice OS-tan videos on there one time, I'd have to look for them, though.


yeah, I've been wasting my time watching the "ACE COMBAT MAD series"

XD; I'm an Ace Combat fan, and the Japanese have jumped on messing with the trailers. XD; First it was Nanoha A's Combat, now there a whole bunch of em, and some are pretty good.  Shooter Combat Zero (Touhou),  IDOL COMBAT ZERO (Idolm@ster), and SOS Combat (haruhi) are a few others. XD;

Oh, btw, niconico comments are overlayed on the video itself. to turn them off, find the two check boxes to the right of the seeker bar. Click on the second one. If you can read katakana, it says ko-me-n-to-kanji-kanji-kanji

not sure if non-ace combat fans would find them as amusing but it's worth a look, I think. ^^
The original! A's Combat Zero: Nanoha A's + Ace Combat Zero Trailer
Ace Combat 6 Trailer + Haruhi
Ace Combat Zero Trailer + Touhou