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Weird dreams?

Started by Icelilly, July 02, 2007, 02:31:36 PM

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i can't lucid dream. no matter how absurd my dream is i can never tell it was a dream until i wake up. like i was literally making out with Sadako at one point D:
My my, aren't you lovely~


I had one last night (7/28), where I was attending some sort of an anime convention. I don't really remember any specifics of this convention, other than it was implied to be taking place closer to home (The building felt like a mash-up of several in the area, including the local Walmart), plus I somehow ended up with an early draft of the schedule for AB instead of the one for this convention; which, for the curious, listed the Bootlegged Merch panel as being at 4PM on Saturday.

EDIT: I had another one last night (8/3). In it, I was getting a job interview at the local museum...except they had some some remodeling; the office was split into more rooms, and had a balcony area above the unused walk-in safe. Also, there was an unusually large Mac Mini on the desk; it looked like the original design of them, but physically it was closer to the width of an iBook G4. Don't remember any of the details on the interview, though apparently I started watching a video of "epic speedrunning fails" at some point, as the rest of the dream was filled with that sort of thing ^^;

EDIT 2: I had another one last night (8/31). In it, I was watching Lucky Star, although the episode's format felt more like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The main thing I can remember was from the Lucky Channel segment at the end; a joke about an "overpowered version of the A-Team", which consisted solely of clones of Mr. T xD



Had one last night, in which I was working for the hospital again...except I was also a magical girl; fighting off monsters while still doing my janitor work. Honestly, this would make an interesting premise for maybe a one-off magical girl OVA? :P


I had a strange one last night. In it, I was going to someone's wedding (Don't remember who) in a weird, old house, that kinda felt like an amalgamation of several relative's houses and Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64. Also, LittleKuriboh (Creator of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) was accompanying me.

The only thing I can remember is someone jumping down a very long flight of stairs while twerking in midair and shouting, in a Skeletor impression, quote: "I will twerk as I levitate downstairs, and no one can stop me! NYEH!"


I wouldn't necessarily call this one a dream, hut I was talking to my fiance in my sleep a few weeks back about how the ghosts thought of her and I thought it was sweet that they said hi.


I had this one last night (7/21), and decided to type it down while I could recall decent details on it. In it, Kari was reading about some unsolved crimes, when she stumbled onto one that, for whatever reason, the website couldn't go into detail on it (I don't remember why), but gave some info on where one could go to find out more. Due to her curiosity, we went there...with her dressed like a protagonist of Kamen Rider (As in, the armored suit).

When we got to the place, which was like a stadium, the presentation began...with a live performance by Disturbed, of their song, Ten Thousand Fists, that for some reason opened with them doing a version of Rush's 2112 Overture before going into their song. I woke up after the song finished, though, so I never saw the actual presentation we went there for.

EDIT: Had one last night in which my local Walmart put in this "build your own pizza" thing at the back of the store; where you got to assemble and bake your own personal-sized pizza. The weird part is that this was located in the toy department, with the bicycles...and for some reason the types of crust were named after characters that appeared in Super Smash Bros.; like, the deep dish pizza was the "Bayonetta", for whatever reason.

Hālian He/him

The other night, I had a dream where a movie I rather liked had as an integral part of its plot a mainframe computer that was insanely loud even by mainframe standards, but where the fandom swore up and down that the noise was part of the experience, to the point of me being frogmarched out of a con panel for that film by one of the panelists because I couldn't stand to try the simulator they had writ with sound on.