What Manga are you reading?

Started by Gummster, March 28, 2007, 09:21:26 AM

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Since there is a 'What animé are you watching' thread I thought why not have the same kind of thread, except about manga. So it's basicly you just say what manga you're reading and if you want you can tell something about it.
I'll go first.
I'm currently reading:
Samurai Deeper Kyo, great manga goes more into the details then the animé, and there are no freaky monsters, that's a bonus.
Battle Royale, so much better then the movie, more characters and more gore, follows the storyline better to, and it goes more into the details.
Elfen Lied, I have to admit that the first 60 chapters weren't that great, because it was almost exactly like the animé or actually it's vica versa, but after that it's more fun.
Gantz, I don't even have to say ow great that manga is, there even is a special thread about that one.
Hellsing, I can't describe the awesomeness of that one, it's not just entertainment, it's art!

Well why don't more people join in!


i am currently re-reading the following
(they are good since i am re-reading them)
GTO (man this is so good!! too much for the anime to handle i guess this is one of those manga you can re-read again and again)
Ichigo 100% (I love toujou and tsukasa!!! definitely a good romance comedy!!)
homunculus (this is such a good read. its filled with mystery and stuff. very nice art and deep characters)
Devil Devil (this is a very nice action comedy. very good as well)

these are the once i recently finished

Salad Days (damn manga, can't stop crying while i was reading this one. is obviously romance)

these are the once that are still not yet done

angel densetsu (pretty funny stuff once you get pass the so so artwork in the first few volume.)
Bleach (of course everyone knows that)
naruto (of course everyone knows this as well)
Golden Boy (comedy, definitely. ecchi, very much warning adult content!)
Capcom Gals (as it says capcom GALS!)

these are the ones i am currently finishing
psychic academy (fighting psychics, action comedy, the girls are pretty cute, they are just too big breasted for me.  :/ )
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I am not reading to much atm, just girls braqvo and mahoromatic, I am always buying something new though I just havent found the next thing to watch as of yet


just finished Psychic academy! man that ending was kinda sad ;269
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JoJo's Bizzare Adventure

Witchblade manga

Fist of the North Star manga

Trinity blood




Air Gear

Tenjho Tenge The online Version not the gay cut version

Shaman King

Battle Royal

and lots lots more.


damn i cant stop reading battle angel alita!
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Claymore I love this series The anime just aired today and it was good.


currently im actively collecting rozen maiden, negima, and hellsing.. other then that its an off and on thing. im not made of money

come to think of it, when the bloodyhell are they going to put out the next book for hellsing?!?!
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Hellsing releases are Bi yearly now Don't know why but thats what darkhorse is doing sounds pretty retarded to me.


Its been bothering me for a few days now.  one person said that they were reading the Elfen Lied manga is that actually out in america in manga??  That anime is probly on my top 3 favorites of all time I would love to read the manga for it if it is out...


might be a scanilation.. im a few volumes ahead in negima that way...
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I will have to research that here sometime in the near future...


That's right, Elfen Lied isn't out yet in the Western or Northern world in my case. It's a scanlation by Illuminati.


Felt as I should revive this thread because of all the new peeps.

I just started reading a manga called Akuma Jintei. I like it, although i think it's kinda too much of an 'wannabe-famous-manga' it's a drag down but it's nice anyways.

I also found lying on a shelf in a bookstore the three first volumes of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic days. I bought it seeing that I had never read it before I thought what I saw to be interesting. In short I love it, the cheerful Rei thing is beautiful!


all I know it's been months since they've released Gunslinger Girl here.  In Japan they're up to Vol. 8.  I mean, I know Yu Aida is slow in releasing them, but if that's slow, ADV is glacially slow. :P