[10/8/2009] All Mini OS-Tan ~Up Windows 7-tan

Started by infinity_zero, March 11, 2007, 11:50:45 pm

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Quote from: "Fedora-Tan"Even if there are already custom errors tans since a while on this server... (since the beginning or near), i'm not against changing them. However, i'd need something bigger than a mini-thumbnail :D (same a bit bigger would be ok).

You can see any errors pages i currently use there :

There is absolutely no need for any other messages, since they will never, never show up. Some here are already really hard to catch :p

Anyway, as i said, i can't think about any features before April at least since i'm overloaded lately...

Oh.. thank you.
Ah... Girl in this picture is come from anime "Kanon".

Update go!!


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Aha!  Those really ARE hard to catch,...

I think I'm in love with 401-sama.... *v*

Okay, that settles that then.  ^___^

In the meantime, the great Infinity-sama made yet MORE minis,....

But this time, they're better off being posted in another thread first.  ^___^

Teehee!  ^v^

*trots to neighboring threads*


Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


*looks at Newton-chan pics*

Suki! Arigatou Infinity_zero-sama! That's amazing!

Added after 42 minutes:

Quote from: "Infinity_zero"1 picture. = ="

There will be a second one, soon hopefully... ^^'

But honestly, I can't thank you enough!

Added after 8 minutes:

Quote from: "Infinity_zero"I wan't data of ...

Here's a MS-Word picture that I found...
Sorry I don't know much more than that ^^'

--Ecchi na no wa ikenai toomoimasu!!!


QuoteHere's a MS-Word picture that I found...
Sorry I don't know much more than that ^^'

Wow!  Completely forgot about that one.  ^^'



Nice Newton-tan there, somehow infinity_zero has managed to make her cuter than she already is! :D

You need a CE-tan to balance the portable tans! XD

Edit: Fedora-tan? Wow, she's awfully cute XD And that bath scene is new to Infinity_Zero Vision, which is a nice touch  ;001  Would've been nice if you've had all the OS-tans with a bathtub scene  ;010

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Yep yep yep... ^__^

*munch munch*

Just sitting back here, chillin'....
Enjoying the Infinity Zero Vision..... ^.^

*munch munch munch*

Fedora-sama is now officially Infinity-sama's FIRST LINUX-TAN!!!  Apart from the UNBELIEVABLE AWESOMENESS OF THAT -- and the obvious support she's throwing behind underrepresented OS-tans -- you can just feel Fedora's power.  ^__^

Even in the bath scene, she looks tough, professional, and primed and ready to unleash much ass-whooping,... An excellent representation of one of the most powerful OSes in the market today!  ^___^

But let the pictures do the real talking.... -v-


infinite_zero! you are divine! divine+20 even! So cute Fedora-tan Minis!

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


These are just great ^_^ Congrats !

OK, now you must do whole linuxes, starting with other fedoras :D
(besides, i'd need an avatar for fedora 7 since ... ahem... well i had to switch earlier than i wanted because of xorg 7.2 - it's one of the only distro supporting it and i need it to have a display other than a black screen ^^; )


Ziggies...you even made a mini Neptune, ssu? Sugoi-ssu, Infizer-donossu...



Aurora Borealis

Haven't posted here in a while but those chibi Fedora-tans are sooooooooooo adorable! ^^

AND OH MY GOSH! YOU MADE CHIBI MAC/OSX-TANS TOO!! MASSIVE AWESOMENESS! ;010 Doubleplusfreakin'sweet!! I'm changing my avatar right away! (even though I made my current one yesterday) :D


Sorry if I haven't stopped by here in a while, Infinity-sama.  ^__^
I second the cheer brought about by the Mini Mac-tan!!  ^v^

Now we can have Darknight's showdown that he wanted.....



If i ever make a rpg game featuring ostans, i'll definitely use them ^_^

Oh besides, i used some fedora-tans in the donation page, i assume it's ok but if there's any problems with it just tell (there are credits for pictures anyway)

I need fedora 7 minis ^_^