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Window Vista

Started by time-time, February 28, 2007, 12:47:54 PM

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Like you guys should really be talking about the biasness of things.
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Yeah, we probably shouldn't ;) I believe that Windows can be made very secure with the right software (my computer hasn't caught a virus since, late 2005 [when I started using Windows Updates]. Spyware was a problem for my computer, but since installing the right software it has all but gone away), but comparing the security of Vista with OS X? It's annoying everything is either biased so much toward Vista or so much toward OS X...I guess there's no such thing as "fair and balanced", though.


It's hard to be "fair and balanced" when money is involved.  Both Vista AND OSX cost you (the consumer) money (in terms of the actual license to own the OS + the hardware required to run them + the software required to keep it safe), so the ball is on their court to keep you safe (or at least prove that they're trying).

Consequently, Apple and M$ have a vested interest to say their product is safer than the others, much like a shampoo says it cleans your hair better than the blue bottle brand.  Whether it's true or not is irrelevant -- it's business plain and simple, and if business is strongly correlated to war, then,... as the old adage says,... "all's fair in love and war".  -.-

Speaking of war tactics, not sure if you've heard of or followed that little stunt that Microsoft tried to pull, but this is a very interesting (and somewhat unbiased) article involving the outcome of Microsoft's (very SCO Group-like) patent attack:

(Note: there's a page 2)



OS Wars just got a bit more serious in my mind. -w-


Meh,... nothing new really.  -v-

The world looked nice and dandy from the cleaned cloistered confines of Windows,... but once I ventured off into the real world of Operating Systems, I realized how ugly things are and used to be.  It's any wonder why some Linux gurus and/or developers seem bitter and elitist, when in fact they've lived under the continuous threat of litigation for years (that and hardware vendors who don't like them:

Something like a mix between Scenario 1 and 3 is likely in my opinion, but Scenario 2 would only be possible in the States.


Quote from: "time-time"Window Vista is on the market, Window XP will be gone soon any one disagree.
Widows Vista is an Experiment(unsuccessful one) and by my opinion the new version will be the true successor-and for XP-by my opinion it's gonna go away slower than 98 so don't worry about Vista :smoke:


Gah, Vista, had to do tech support for my aunt who had just bought an Acer that was pre-installed with that garbage.  Don't get me wrong, it's pretty, really pretty, but that's really all that impressed me.  The whole reason I was called to help is because, apparently, Windows Mail (someone please tell me why the hell Microsoft has to change program names so damn much?) lacks webmail-based support (she formerly used her Hotmail account with XP and Outlook).  Which I think, no wait, I know is stupid.  Outlook 2003 had webmail support, why not Windows Mail?  I wouldn't be too surprised if Outlook 2007 offered it too, but why not Windows Mail?  Of course, Windows Mail supports POP3, buuuuut, since '04 MS has been charging for use of POP3 with Hotmail.  She could also install Windows Live Mail, which does support webmail, but is currently in beta (after explaining beta software a bit, she told me she didn't think she'd feel comfortable using it).  Also, Windows Live Mail doesn't install over Windows Mail, only disables it, and as far as I know, you're not supposed to uninstall Windows Mail beforehand... yeah, deadweight.  So let it be known that I used FOSS as a last resort on this one, with no other seemingly reasonable solution, I talked my aunt into letting me install T-Bird (which does support webmail) the next time I came over.  Well, what do you know, instead she returns the Acer to {department store named removed to protect us all from any potential desire to decry said store}, and instead orders a Gateway, supposedly with XP pre-installed (I don't know how that worked out, vendors tend to be pretty pushy about Vista, I guess I'll find out next time I get a call about computer problems).  Anyway, while I have to admit there were things about Vista I liked (obviously I was enamored with the interface, I also liked the new user setup), this problem, along with others I've read about, tells me that Windows users using XP really shouldn't seriously consider using Vista.  While XP really isn't my cup of tea when it comes to Windows OSes ('98 and 2k will do me fine, thank you), I'd still recommend it over Vista any day.  Call it bias if you want, but please be aware while I do run only Kubuntu on my primary computer (the one I'm using now in fact) I still run 2k on my secondary computer (it's not Linux, but there's not much I can hate about it), so you're dealing with someone who has had his own personal pleasant experiences with Windows.  While I may detest the business practices of certain figures at Microsoft, I think I have the maturity to not just be a fanboy and just call things straight.

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