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Started by Laevatein, February 19, 2007, 08:42:36 AM

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Raffaele the Amigan

Quote from: "C-Chan"Speaking of which,... *twiddles hooves*... how are the.... *cough cough*.... Amiga "partitions" doing?  ^___^

Amiga Partitions thru Linux-Unix?

Linux can access Amiga partitions only if formatted in old Amiga Fast File System called FFS (AFFS).

(Not to be confused with FFS from BSD)


Forget to use modern Amiga FilsSystems like:

- FFS2

- PFS (Professional File System)

- and Journaled File sistem called Smart File System SFS.

Amiga reads USB memory keys thru normal Windows FAT...

You can also access Amigas from your Linux machines thru Samba.

Using Amiga Emulators UAE, WinUAE, E-UAE, then you can create fake hard disks that are seen by Linux and Windows as enormous files (512 megabytes, 1 gigabyte, etc...).

These fake harddisks can format and mount normal Amiga filesystems totally transparent to the host system and you can access hte fake/virtual HDDs using the emulator facilities.
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Great sugoiness, I finally know everything there is to know about how Miggy-san accesses my hard drive.  ^.^

But I actually put 'partitions' in quotations since I was trying to ask you in secret how your Amiga machines were doing.  As AmigaBob will tell you, the health of an Amiga system owned by anyone here is top priority for me.  ^.^

Oh, and now that I'm growing as a Linux user and have started using virtual machines, I think I will go ahead and try emulating Amiga-sama.  ^___^

(or barring her, at least MorphOS or AROS)....  ^.^

(AROS,... naturally,... standing for AMIGA Research Operating System.....)

(Anyone who says otherwise shall have his/her/its lungs ripped out, breaded and pan-fried by a temporarily-insane piggy.  ^______________^

*twtich twitch*