Rom...Rom...where are you guys...

Started by ShinraKenshin, May 07, 2005, 11:05:22 AM

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 any one know where I can get advance wars 2 rom if so it be greatly apperciated :neko:  


 So far, I've found that crawling the Internet proper for ROMs is not a good idea.  Few people are willing to host ROMs anymore, and more and more webmasters are losing the faith and caving to the demands of Corporate America.  On the other hand, a few of the other sites that DO host ROMs make you jump through hoops and vote for them at various topsite lists before you're allowed to download.

Screw that.  In my experience, a good way to pick up ROMs is to download a copy of Shareaza, as it has a specific search filter that only gives you ROM-related results.  No registering, no voting, no adware...just downloads.   :thumbup:  


 Okay using this P2p stuff and ummm Im getting hardly any results for roms <<

okay any one else got some suggestions please...


 Well, theres this "top 50" list:

But I agree with Ayromek. Not many sites are doing it, and alot of the ones that have them have some nasty trick up thier sleeve. I suggest that after you are done with the rom searching, just to safe, you might want to do a adware scan

L33t 4g3nt

 what's "advance wars 2"? is it for GB or something?



Its a very good game. Think Chess, but you have a real army, with everything from Soilders to Bombers.

I'd have to say that it can be even more complex then chess cause the peices have a wider range of abilites and such.


 Which I need it . Its like a drug you need big time which.....its very addicting...

L33t 4g3nt

 hmmm...I think I've come across something called Advanced Wars 2 before...

Could it be "Advanced Wars 2: Black Hole Rising?


 yes thats right you got it good bro  


 GBX Emu

Your best bet for ROMs would be using their "Rom Share".  Most roms stay up about roughly... 48-72 hours, but new ones are added daily, so your chances are pretty high.

Oh, btw, Shareaza is t3h r0x0rz, of course, I use the Alpha versions, lol

EDIT:  On second thought... here:  Advance Wars II: Black Hole Rising

DO NOT share this link, it is on server that my friend owns that does not have enough bandwidth for widespead romshare.  Other than that, do what you wish with the rom.  I have not compressed it or anything with WinZip, WinRar, or any similar product, so it might be nessessary to right click and click "Save Target As" (IE) or "Save Link As" (Firefox)


I've always used - never had any problems there.


if any1 still wants it i cant give u the file itself.. i have it on my comp
i have the first and the second one.


i know where to get roms but alot of places dont have the GBA roms anymore.
i can still get em tho but im just pretty good when it comes to searching google. its like an art.