What is your internet speed ?

Started by Fedora-Tan, January 26, 2007, 04:31:19 PM

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QuoteI - when using DC - have both uploads and downloads as high as 1.2 megabytes per second. So the speedtest is a liar.

Have you considered the converse, perhaps DC is lying? Besides, the test is for average speed, not absolute maximum.

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Im sooo Lucky...Meh gots T1 ^^


Lying DC is impossible, since that would mean it is downloading/uploading files slower than indicated. Which is a LIE since i know for sure that i can open avis the second after they're dl-d, for an example. So DC lying is a no-no. My DC-tan does not lie!!!


lol I am in Iraq with a crapy connection, however it's the middle of the day on my day off so there probly arnt but a few people on atm.  I will have to try this out in the evening for a good laugh but atleast atm the net is running alright with.

859 ms latency
1149 ks/s down
15 kb/s up

when i test again at about 6-7pm tonight I would will bet just about anything that my speeds get mesured in the bytes per second =)

over all from what I can tell of this site it does seem to run at fairly reasonable speeds, the larger pictures that people place in there sigs give me problems but I am used to that by now.


Well, in that case I would recommend to switch off images and load only selected ones. Every browser can do something like that.

for Konqueror it's under 'Web behaviour' and for FF in preferences.

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aye, I am famular with how to turn off image loading but to be honist I prefer images to be on , I will simply deal with the litle red x's that I end up seeing on occation =)


Plus, unless things have changed,   the KBR computer centers dont have FF Loaded.. hell they usualy dont even have the major IM programs installed.  And even if they did, messing with settings is a no-no
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hehe thankfully we arnt stuck using the MWR computers we have internet in our CHU's.  It's a bit expensive considering what we are getting, however I would rather pay for crapy internet rather than go and use the MWR computers which are missing keys and have strict time limits


you forgot to mention the fact that most of them are being used by contractors or fobbits...
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DL Speed: 5 Mbps (700kb/sec)
UL Speed: 346 kbps (45kb/sec)

Very uneven. :\


I'm not really sure, but I get dl speeds of about 150-210kbs


That gives you (probably) a con speed of some 2-3 mbps...i think.


I'm using WiFi...right now It's 18 MBPS.


Depending on the location of the hub I am trying to connect via Cable, roughly 1-2 megs.


At work low end business DSL.
At home on the other hand, a nice cable connection.