What is your internet speed ?

Started by Fedora-Tan, January 26, 2007, 03:31:19 PM

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What is your internet speed ?

56k or less
17 (13.7%)
More than 56k, Less than 512k
13 (10.5%)
13 (10.5%)
36 (29%)
More than 2Mb, up to 10 Mb
28 (22.6%)
20Mb or more
17 (13.7%)

Total Members Voted: 113

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Quote from: "Fedora-Tan"Which brings me to the underlying question : is the site / forum / etc... slow or not for you ?

Site's never been slow for me, unless I'm leeching torrents like a madman. (But then it would be my fault. :p )


3MB, not slow.  ^__^
(Was on 56K up until a few months ago... but still wasn't slow, btw)


Mine about 3MB up and Down, so the site is never slow. At least for me.


Theoretically mine's a 100 mbps connection... in practice, due to congestion (since mine's a cellphone network-based internet connection), average speed is around 20-30 mbps.

Site's never been slow though.

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i'm so envious of everyone's speed..... :(

i'm at the lower half of the speed chain... :(

oh well..
My my, aren't you lovely~


1Mb/512kb ADSL connection here. The site works like a dream, faster than most other I ever visit. ^^


Mine was 256k/128k. My ISP is shared speed. So it could be slower if a lot of people use at the same time. And after THAT earthquake in Taiwan, browsing speed for int'l sites was decreased. But It's ok when I browse here. ^ ^


1.2 MB down, 0.5 MB up....

it's a pain when dl'ing large torrents, but there's no problem visiting this site


u guys try ur Uni/college/school speed there very fast 9000MB+ on upload speed not sure abt download.

the comp i'm on now is 512kb DL, 54kb UL

Raffaele the Amigan

ISDN connection 64000 or 128000 baud depending if I connect with single or both channels.

I see OS-TAN Connection site without problems even if using only one single channel.  ;010  :smoke:
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lol to could be faster did get to it limited on the upload, it was still go up then there was nothing to upload and it still was goin up

Added after 13 minutes:

lol ok gettting faster but still not testing the upload speed

Added after 22 minutes:

the speed just went up to 33118 on download but the upload slow getting bigger

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Mine's supposed to be 100 down, 10 up, but i think something's wrong with my network since it's only 10/10 practically. Oh well...


100 Kbps? Even then, those are some weird ratios


Quote from: "C-Chan"3MB, not slow.  ^__^
(Was on 56K up until a few months ago... but still wasn't slow, btw)

-v- in china u can never get online with 56K...


Not 100 kpbs. 100 Mbps. And...to be honest, that's just overkill for a single personal computer.