What is your internet speed ?

Started by Fedora-Tan, January 26, 2007, 03:31:19 PM

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What is your internet speed ?

56k or less
17 (13.7%)
More than 56k, Less than 512k
13 (10.5%)
13 (10.5%)
36 (29%)
More than 2Mb, up to 10 Mb
28 (22.6%)
20Mb or more
17 (13.7%)

Total Members Voted: 113

Voting closed: January 26, 2007, 03:29:44 PM


I'd like to know what is your internet speed, so i'll can adjust the site content accordingly.

I ask about the usual speed, when you browse the site.

Thanks :)

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(20Mb myself)

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(see C-Chan ? i can ALSO post here :D )


I've posted the theoretical speed.
I... it varies. To be honest, I have no idea what it is right now... Wireless connection has confused me a little: there seem to be fewer chances to see what the heck is going on... Hmmm


In doubt, please test with http://www.speedtest.net

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It's just to have a global idea anyway, with 1MB and more, i consider you got a fast line myself.

"Problem" is people with 56 and less. If there are too many of those i'll make some alternate templates for them. (problem is a way to speak... didn't find better atm - don't take it bad :p )


Heh, cheers Fedora-Tan. Score: 1.6Mb download - not being ripped off as much as I suspected! Not so happy with the 0.2Mb upload but meh, that's always much less than the download speed, obviously.


I have 1Mb in upload (yes, with 20Mb download that's what i call asynchronous ^^; )
Theorically. With that site it only shows 0.85Mb, which is not that bad.

If i could have "just" 5Mb download and 5Mb upload, i'd prefer honnestly.


Woah, that's a serious internet connection there...
Still, with your 1:20 upload/download ratio, my 1:8 ratio doesn't seem so unbalanced.

Quote from: "Fedora-Tan"If i could have "just" 5Mb download and 5Mb upload, i'd prefer honnestly.
'Just' 5Mb each way, eh? An upload 'just' 3x what I have for download.  ;012
Nah, seriously, I gecha. It's like you said about OSs; it's gotta match what you need. I don't need 5Mb, you probably couldn't get by on much less.


Mine's pretty mediocre, 1.5Mbit both ways.  SHDSL connection.    (I'm not paying the bill, so that's why I hang on to it for now.)   But a faster connection isn't something I'd turn down of course.  Guess I gotta get around to it soon.


My connection depends on where I am. If the speed drops below 1mbps then I'm probably in Zinjiang or some other armpit location and won't be checking os-tan collections, anyways.


I got a 1mb connection but i need a wireless card that's not from a B-stock brand XD (getting an Asus wireless adapter soon)


My connection is ridiculous: 1 Mb download and 128 Kb upload, ADSL.


Which brings me to the underlying question : is the site / forum / etc... slow or not for you ?


4859 download
380 upload


Quote from: "Fedora-Tan"Which brings me to the underlying question : is the site / forum / etc... slow or not for you ?

seems pretty fast for me :D


I have 3MB Download (ADSL), and don't know about upload... but there is no 2-5 MB option! I can't select!


Poll edited, you should fit into the >2 and <= 10Mb category ^_^

/me awaits the one who'll have a 15Mb line, just to bother me since there's still a hole in the poll here ;shino;