Random movie/flash clip thread

Started by Silentbob, December 19, 2006, 07:50:17 PM

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Looks delicious.


What the....?

Stop Lesson

I'll have to remember this.



Gyaaa!!! This is what I get for skimping out on my visits these past few days.  ^___^;

*grabs pen and paper and starts scribbling notes*

Okay,... must... watch,... all... videos.... posted.... since......
Good.  ^__^

In the meantime, here's a quick pop culture check to make sure EVERYONE on this board knows who this little guy is:

Lone Sausage Stuff:





curse you people and your youtube!!

*sits alone in his room staring at the progress bar to download a JPEG*

Oh how I hate you aol
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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AOL must die!

*gets torches*

C'mon villagers! We're goin' to New York to give those idiots a piece of our mind! And possibly buy some Rozen Maiden manga on the way! Now who is with me?


only if its in january, cus I already got both mangas released in the us!

but torches are so... primitive.. Im a fan of strategic lazer guided bombs or artillary

anyways.. back to viewing the few flash videos put up... -_- Shoo fly was funny!

actually, it also shows how powerfull an animation tool flash can be in good hands.  its really well done I have to say with very few flash cheats.

one preticular shot I thought was well done was the focus change at the begining.  as where that was done through tweening and such.. where shes chasing it through the house attacking, that is well done (tho quickly done) frame by frame animation with a fairly good sence of inertia and physics

indeed very good
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The Random movie thread?

Let's see the most terrifying disaster that hit Thailand 2 years ago.
At that time, I'm in grade 12, in midterm exam period.
I canââ,¬â,,¢t imagine the tsunamiââ,¬â,,¢s power until I see these clips. (Maybe Iââ,¬â,,¢m not in the real situation?)

This was a popular one...




note to self.. watch the starcraft ones when I get high speed...

as for the tsunami.. -_- yes that was a truely tragic time.  We were just about to pull into guam for liberty when that happened.. Instead we stopped just long enough to fill every possible empty space on the ship with rice water and MREs.  My ship was the first US aid to arrive there, and we floated off the shore of several countries for about a month and a half giving away supplies.

The insulting part of that tho was alot of countries were telling us to get lost.. of course after we gave them the food and water.  They wanted our supplies, not us -_-  Tho I did get on the ground for a little bit to help set up aid stations.

-_- the currents were pretty powerful indeed.. 25 miles out on the ocean we were still picking up bodies. Those will haunt me till the day I die.
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Being good without someone notice is better than being bad but everyone knows, right? I believe you and the other on the ship was already do your best!

my today clips: Funny Cats
Is it work?
If not, try this

See the cat that jumps across the water? Cool!

This one is very funny.



Just some random 4chan stuff.

4chan megaloop

Anime Jukebox (if it doesn't work, reload)


too bad 4chan flashed dont stick around too long -_- that link will be dead in a day... well unless those are their resident flashes.. the ones you can get to from the index

good old mega loop... its got the tans.. but they are so poorly done...  Their slot machine has the tans in it too!
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Oh, I never link directly to 4chan, Cap'n.  As you say, the links break in no time.  Those flashes are hosted on some free webspace.


the mega loop is actually up on 4 chan permenetly.. so is the slot machine I was talking about.. infact.. here itis!

or not.. i cant figure out the addy for it.. but if you go to 4 chan, go to the front page, click more on the option links across the top below "4 chan" it will then expand the list, click flash

there it will present you with a page showing a bunch of 4 chan related flashes that have been saved for whatever reason, including 3 versions of megaloop and mega slots!
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Ah ok.  I didn't know.  I got those two off /f/ ages ago.   Anyways, good to know.  :)