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Started by Alex Stankevitch, October 23, 2006, 09:38:00 AM

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Alex Stankevitch


Im out of ideas for the AMV, ive got some songs in mind but the only good ones I can think of are:

A - Analouge
Prince - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight
Daft Punk - Digital Love
U2 - Sweetest Thing
Spandau Ballet - Gold or True
The Calling - Whereever You Will Go


I moved your thread to General Anime/Manga (maybe General Chat would've been alright too), as this is not really OS-tan related. ^^;

As for the ideas, me not knowing any of those songs, it's very difficult to fit any scene into the video for now... though, Mahoro-san pummeling Shikijou-sensei multiple times is a must in every Mahoromatic video. :D Ryuga-san also had some amusing antics in the series... but in case this is becoming a narrow-minded girls-only performance, then it's out of the question. ^^;

Alex Stankevitch

Im working in the den, sshhhhh...

Alex Stankevitch added the following  2 hours 41 minutes after last message :

Ok, the video is about 2/3rd's complete and ive used The Calling - Whereever You Will Go as the music. Ive just got the problem of my video editor (Ulead Media Studio 7) only reading the converted episodes 1 and 2.

Im gonna keep at it so expect either today, tomorrow or the day after...