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Started by SleepyD, September 30, 2006, 12:37:51 PM

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Village People have a handful of really catchy songs. *nods*

As for anime music, I mostly know only the openings and endings of the series I've watched, and in some specific cases also some of the soundtracks in general and in the most ultimate cases the singers.

My personal favourite anime song voices are those of Rie Tanaka, Naomi Tamura (I mostly know her from the two marvellous MKR openings songs Yuzurenai Negai and Hikari to Kage o Dakishimete), Mitsuko Horie (often very strong voice) and last but maybe most importantly, the late Ritsuko Okazaki who tragically died earlier the same month I originally fell in love with her songs.

In soundtracks, I value the ones specifically high in Martian Successor Nadesico and Hanaukyo Maid Tai La Verite (for some insane reason, I've found this series to be one of my favourites in many aspects, despite its err... lacking plot and rather stereotypical characters). Michiru Oshima is responsible for the soundtrack in the latter mentioned, but I cannot recall the respective person for MSN at this moment.

Headache destroying my concentration... can't focus any longer. -_-


Hm, some of my favourite artists....

Well,  Yuki Kajiura, Origa and Youko Kanno to name a few.


He has Amiga-chan for an avi AND listens to Origa!!!
Dagnammit!!! Why hasn't anyone given Bob his sainthood yet?!!! ^0^




Another medal for the 22nd XP right here~!!!  ^v^

"La Ronde Lunaire" is THE BEST!!!!  ^V^
(and helped me draw PTS-DOS-chan too.... ^.^)


Borrowing my mom's cd...
She's cool!
She listens to Nine inch Nails!!
And Rob Zombie!
And Dresden Dolls!
And Disturbed!

Those are her cds!
I have They Might Be Giants and Barenaked Ladies!


Borrowing my mom's cd...
She's cool!
She listens to Nine inch Nails!!
And Rob Zombie!
And Dresden Dolls!
And Disturbed!

o_o  your mom f-ing rocks!


Quote from: "Silentbob"Hm, some of my favourite artists....

Well,  Yuki Kajiura, Origa and Youko Kanno to name a few.

Silentbob, you rock so much. ^^

E~to....I don't how this came into the topic(We are in the Anime/Manga section...) ...but eh.  Brings something else up. Anyone know of Western music entering the anime world?

All I can think of is "Do You Want To" by Franz Ferdinand in Paradise Kiss's ED.


One song that i think any anime otaku should hear is Lost Heaven by Lââ,¬â,,¢arc-en-Ciel. Also, I'm a sucker for anything from Full metal Alchemist.


i'm basically a YUI fan!!! long live YUI!!! :/

and of course there is azumanga soundtracks. from sora mimi cake to raspberry heaven and everything in between

and of course larc is really great!!! ;047
My my, aren't you lovely~


haf u heard of JYONGRI? i like her song Possession. ^^
i've heard Shimatani Hiromi-Dragonfly, but cudnt find any place wher i cud get the song T-T
currently my no.1 fav. song is CHU-LIP-Otsuka Ai....hahahah the PV is weird too.


Kotoko, Kukui, Ali project, Horie yui, rie tanaka...
those are for me but my fav one is kotoko.. she sounds so cute when singing her song


Has anyone listened to berserks OST?

It is brilliant.

Highly recommended especially the forces track


Hmmm...i like UVERworld, Yuki Kajiura, Sakamoto Maaya, Aya Hirano, and don't forget L'arc en Ciel.

Anyway, did you know Bump Of Chicken ? I try to find their song (the song name is Karma, an OP song in Tales of Abyss game) by searching with google, but i haven't find it...can anyone help me >
Life is the most complex OS and system ever.


Life power rules !!!!


haha, wow, someone revived my music thread.

Yay, another Kajiura fan!  XD;
sorry, I fanboy when it comes to Kajiura. haha

Motoi Sakuraba's work fits perfectly with the games they hire him for.  I love the music at the end of Tales of the Abyss.

of course, there's always I've Sound. A lot of their stuff is pretty good. ^^

Ah, I almost forgot. I shall introduce you to people on youtube who play music from various anime/games.
first, TAMMUSIC, a Japanese music guy who had another account with more stuff that seems to have disappeared... in any case, he plays violin and piano, does music from Air, Kanon, Touhou, and I think there's a Haruhi vid in there somewhere....

Another is an American improv guy, does his own renditions of anime/game music. Lots of music on there, great stuff.