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,jp hosted proxy?

Started by littleredblurr, September 11, 2006, 01:28:29 PM

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Does anyone know of a free online hosted proxy server that is from the .jp domain? The reason is there are a few japanese websites that i would like to see, but non-japanese ip ranges are blocked.  here is one of the sites:
any help would be appreciated  ;001


Well now, that actually would be a good idea.  ^__^
I wouldn't mind finding that out myself.  ^.^

BTW, I know you want to see them, but can I venture to guess that you can actually read some Japanese as well?  ' v '

Cool avatar, btw.


i did a little searching,

=> J => Japan

From the list I got, these seemed to work, but quite slowly.


Slowly is better than nothing.  ^__^
Thank you, SleepyD  ^o^

Okay, littleredblurr!  ^v^
Guu-do Roo-ku!  ^v~

Some pennies for your findings when you get back!  ^.^