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Started by Q4(V), March 20, 2006, 11:30:49 AM

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Dr. Kraus

Someone came into my store to recycle an old gateway that had everything I was looking for to build a WinXP machine.
Fought with the XP installer for a little before tweaking the bios to make it work with my hdd.
Everything is running 100% without issue and the system is just as snappy as my i5 machine to be honest, granted if I attempted to push the system with anything past 2008 software than I'm not in for a good time.


That's a blast from the past, don't think I've seen a desktop like that since 2009!

Xi Wang chan


What shell are you using on Debian? I love the look

Ghost Member

Quote from: Penti-chan on December 15, 2017, 11:25:47 PMWhat shell are you using on Debian? I love the look
Xfce Desktop Environment

I stay away from Ubuntu because the default gnome shell is too ugly & bloated.
Xfce answered me most of things that win users wanted.


Ahh. Cool :3
(TBH, I'm most fond of MATE as far as Linux shells go, although I have used and liked XFCE)

Hālian He/him

Desktop (Windows 10):

Will add desktops from my desktop running OS X, and my laptop, later.


Desktop on Nanami2k-tan (My main desktop at the moment; running Windows 10)

Goujer (she/her)

I like that wallpaper.
Does this count as a "desk" top?


Nice quad monitor setup :O
(Also I like that Garfield LOL)

My desk (Also a vintage Garfield thrown in, because yes)


The last 3 years since I've posted here while I was a newbie to this forum, I decided to post here. Did improve my reply on using common sense. So it's nice for me to be back here, like the bug has been fixed when I tried posting a reply.

Also nice setup you got there @Penti

Goujer (she/her)


I haven't tried it @Goujer

Maybe I will at the moment.


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