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Started by Q4(V), March 20, 2006, 11:30:49 AM

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errr...My comp can be considered Work Safe territory...
the little icon with a little blue frog in the right its Azureus, bittorrent client. The other its my Firewall (Sygate firewall)


QuoteQuote from : Q4(V)

Answer  Darknight_88 question .... YES lol

u guys have software i haven't seen ...
Pitkin ur hide some from us aren't u ... i know he is ... like his plan to become british or all this british stuff lol

QuoteQuote from : Darknight_88

errr...rite...wait!!no, I'm not a pervert!!!!
*hands sweating*

Indeed, Pitkin have software I haven't seen...
The "weird" software from my comp are just Microsoft Encarta, and the Dictionary from the said encyclopedia. Antivir, an antivirus (free, but really good) and...and....thats all xD

Gentlemen, I'm appalled. Do I look like a pervert to you? Are these innocent eyes of mine even possible to see viewing something with lust? Are these clean hands capable of even navigating to some dirty material, let alone saving it onto the hard drive of their owner's computer?

(Super Ego: From top left, porn dialer installer, porn archive #21, password collection for porn sites beginning with letters A-E, porn downloader...)

What's so strange in my dictionary and hard drive management software? T_T;


ppl you can post ur desktop here we all want to c them ... were not goin to laugh ... really


how to take the picture of our curent desktop anyway?

rpb3000  <-- My current theme.

On Mac, cmd-shft-3 takes a picture of the screen and saves it to the desktop.  On windows, I think you hit the "Prnt scrn" key or something like that, which then puts the screen on the clipboard.  Go into your favorite graphics program (like Paint) and hit paste.  Then save.


Nice background, rpb-san. ^_^

And yes, under Windows you use the Print Screen key (it's right above Delete and Insert on default keyboards) to take a screenshot, and then open up Paint and choose Paste. I'm only repeating rpb-san's words, though. ^^;


Since I reverted back to my older computer last night, here's my desktop for it. Ikuyo Suzuki-san's been serving it for a year now. ^_^

[attachment deleted by admin]


This is of my current computer

[attachment deleted by admin]

Alex Stankevitch



mine. Added more icons xD

and...OMG!!!! An OS-tan wallpaper wich I don't have! I DEMAND that Alex posts his wallpaper in full resolution, I must have it!!! plz T.T


oh dear.... This is so un-OS-tanish... and not even Windows :)  

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!

Alex Stankevitch

Here is the full thing for you Darknight:

Its on the 2nd page of the Windows XP backgrounds.


Quote from: "Kami-Tux"oh dear.... This is so un-OS-tanish... and not even Windows :)

haha, s'okay.  I had a different wallpaper just a few weeks ago.  Alex seems to have timed it to my 2k-tan one. ^^


Well someone please vote that XP background up a notch?   ^^'

Even if it is an XP-tan, I don't think the image deserves 1 star.  Definitely the handiwork of those Gallery vandals we used to have before Pitkin/Linux-tan changed the rules for picture voting.  -v-