What Manga are you reading?

Started by Gummster, March 28, 2007, 09:21:26 AM

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How's WataMote anyway, Kari?


yeahhhh....the opening is creepy as shit. but after you get past the pedodad part it seems pretty cute.

(fucking FF ate my post)

honestly, WataMote was a bit of a letdown. maybe it's just because it was the first volume, but it's as slice of lifey as you can get. there's no ongoing plot, no drive to change, no nothing, just awkward kid being awkward. the main character is adorkable and i can somewhat relate to her, but she's also kind of a dumbass and really full of herself. i'm still interested enough to check it out, so i think i may watch the anime and see if it's proof positive that the second volume is where shit starts to happen. :\

of the books i read, though, bells, i think you'd be over the moon for What Did You Eat Yesterday? . it's adorable, real, and super-sweet without being saturated. the realistic art style is also quite atypical for manga making it even more its own kind of thing. and despite being Shonen-ai there's no thick layers of it. it is to Yaoi what Aoi Hana is to yuri, only not depressing and also super-tasty-looking.
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how is that one? i found the Statistics one i have quite nice though my sister's college professor found it to be a bit lacking (not in a bad way, i think he just thought it wasn't heavy-duty enough for college). i like it, personally, and should my mum ever decide to go back to college i will be shoving the book in her face.
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I decided to read One Piece a few days ago.

One of my better decisions.


Indeed. I like it, but never got around to collecting the series, and it having like 80+ volumes has me scared of getting further in ;__;


Good thing my school library has manga. It has most of the volumes. At least 70-something.


Nice. I might read it post-move; borrow from Kari -w-
(I think she has up to volume 20 or so? IDK -w-; )


haha! no, i don't have that many tankoubon of it, but i have up to the mid-to-end of the Alabasta Arc in my copies of Shonen Jump. though i DO plan on collecting them all. between me and Steve's love for that series, that is a fucking life requirement. >:I

speaking of,

you're likely gonna love it. Sanji is the best character by far, both me and Steve will back up that claim.

on an unrelated note, went to Savers the other day in search of cosplay supplies and found 3 volumes of Kimi ni Todoke i didn't already have in brand new condition (some still had the borders stickers, so cute ;v; )! even got them for 99 cents a piece, such a steal! >:3

(now i just need to get 3, 4, and 7 so i can read them all. :0 )
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huh, didn't realize this topic was so dead. got a lot more manga since i last posted, basically all courtesy of savers (including the entire run of Godchild). got a few people on the wire that may eventually be selling me more in bulk, just waiting and seeing atm.

on an unrelated note, i was going through Top(ic)less yesterday and i saw a post about the movie Blue is the Warmest Colour. we were discussing how any and all depiction of gays, female sexuality, or (*gasp*) GAY FEMALE SEXUALITY got an adults-only rating.

how does this relate to this thread? i was browsing the Yuricon/ALC Store online and found this. seems BitWC was a manga. (dunno if you knew, i didn't know).

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not Reading manga ATM, but Reading a couple manhuas: the Gamer and The God of Highschool...

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looking forward to maybe getting some new titles at the Anime Yard Sale next week. hopefully my stuff sells. :0
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Goujer (she/her)

I'm currently reading Fushigi Yugi as part of an manga book club.
It's a really old isekai.
Super interesting stuff, it escalates quite a bit.
It even has some decent trans and gay representation in it.

Edit: Finished Fushigi Yugi, excellent manga series.
Currently reading Ancient Magus Bride now.