The Windows 10 Decemeber 2023 Patch Tuesday Security Update Borked my system!

Started by Nanami Madobe Fan, December 12, 2023, 06:49:32 PM

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Nanami Madobe Fan

Yeah can you fucking believe that shit I cannot do anything because Explorer.exe wasn't loading so I had to try to run the task myself when I did it it was still showing a fucking black screen on the desktop no Fucking Taskbar nothing.

I even tried to load Explorer.exe from system32 folder both with and without admin privileges and still nothing, I scroll down to see the process from Explorer.exe to be running but my screen was still fucking black so I go and end the task to click restart it didn't come back so I had to load it again and still nothing so that was when I lost my fucking patience cause if you loaded it that would bring up the Desktop normally but nope, so I had to end the session using the Fucking Task Manager and go hit the power button icon while holding down shift. Now can you imagine the horrors on a fucking normie's mind if this happened to them that's right they would be flipping out at least I'm Tech Savvy enough to know what to do they are fucking dumb as a rock.

I was brought to the Advance Windows Startup Screen in it I went to the Recovery to try to roll back whatever the fuck that update was so I went to System Restore it took about 20 minutes I think my PC restated and it seemed that fixed the issue my Desktop and Taskbar where there and wasn't some stupid black screen with a cursor.

That was the last time I do my updates on Windows I went into services to shut off the Windows Updates and I went to Settings to delay it fuck that shit that update borked my system, I've made my decision whenever I'm able to get my new PC I will install Linux on it not before getting the Product Key off the system of course I will keep it somewhere safe... damn these stupid ass updates FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU MICROSOFT Windows 7 was so much better Fuck off Microsoft.

Yeah luckily I had a restore point prior to when the update happened remember people always make sure to make a back up of your personal files not up in the fucking "cloud" which is just someone else's computer or should I say or many say..., I will leave Mental Outlaw's Video about Google Drive's recent indecent that affected so many people man how come so many people are so fucking stupid Google just lost all or some of your files then they shut people up or censor them when people say it was not the Desktop Syncing cause it was not a Desktop syncing issue Google censored somebody on the Google Forums anyways I don't use cloud storage anyways I back them up to a local device also you should also be regularly making system restore points in case if you had something like this ever happened to you. Also just buy a NAS or something don't use Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox, etc or store locally.

Goujer (she/her)

Quote from: Nanami Madobe Fan on December 14, 2023, 04:44:03 AM@Goujer Any thoughts on this matter?

I mean Windows 10's dog crap dude, that's just a known fact.
Windows 11 is even worse.
I figured you were already a full-time Linux user tbh.

Also it's typically considered bad forum etiquette to @ people not part of a topic already.

Nanami Madobe Fan

Quote from: Goujer on December 14, 2023, 11:00:29 AMI mean Windows 10's dog crap dude, that's just a known fact.
Windows 11 is even worse.
I figured you were already a full-time Linux user tbh.

Also it's typically considered bad forum etiquette to @ people not part of a topic already.

Nope it may seem like I'm but I'm really not a full time Linux user just yet... I really ever owned 1 fully working computer and I don't own a phone it has Windows 10 Home on it but in the mean while I experiment with Linux in Oracle Virtualbox while I await for my new computer later this month or early next month I can't even update my system without Fucking Microsoft borking my system and making it unusable I've had this problem in the past with them and earlier a couple times this year back in February and then again in October.

Yeah I know Windows 10 is dog water its the OS that I tend to stick on for the mean time, I straight up despise Windows 11 its complete dogshit and shouldn't exist and it even managed to make couple of my friends cringe and move to other OSes such as Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Neon, SUSE, Fedora, Debian) or for those that are Tech Savvy but not Tech Savvy enough they would move to Mac OS I'm trying to be the former I can only go full time Linux when I get my new device, I predict without a fucking doubt that Windows 12 will be even worse than both Windows 10 and Windows 11 combined for reasons I already explained in my previous thread about Windows,1882.msg176491.html I'm stuck on Windows 10 until the end of 2023 or early 2024 so I will just have to wait it out but Satya Nadella says he is going all-in on Fucking AI I'm like in my early 20(s) this guy already made a generation hate Windows.

I don't know why Modern Windows is so bad... I miss Windows Vista & 7 I just want them back hell I will take even Windows 8.1 at this point, but I don't blame Windows 10 entirely and Satya Nadella I gotta admit that Steve Ballmer kinda slipped up in 2012 with the release of Windows 8 I don't normally hate Windows OSes but I do despise Windows 11 alot but back on point... I could see why so many people hated Windows 8 it just blow everyone away in a bad way Microsoft was so focused on competing against Apple at some point that it took everyone by surprise of why Microsoft did this "Oh I don't know it probably has something to do with the fucking iPad I guess!?!" *Sigh* Microsoft Surface did they really have to go that far though they burnt so many bridges when they did that so many people decided to stay on Windows 7 which was the right call but little did they know that things where far from done from getting worse, because only 3 years latter in 2015 Windows 10 would take the world by storm with many controversies from (Forced Upgrades that where never contented to by Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, Spyware and Data Collection, Ads in the Fucking Operating System, Lazy and Ugly User Interface Design but cute OS-Tan though, Cortana, Bloatware, Bullshit and Stupid Shit that the OS did, Candy Crush, Forced Updates, Buggy Mess, Keeping UWP from Windows 8 and embracing it even more, Broken Updates, etc may I need to list more), then 6 years later similar to a Windows XP & Windows Vista-like Situation they relased the worst OS ever know to person or dogs Fucking Windows 11 (New Taskbar, New Start Menu, New annoyances in the UI and the System in general, worse version of Windows 10 completely didn't need to exist).

Also sorry for @ ing you Goujer I promise I will try not to do that again.

Ghost Member

I cannot get the picture I mean I've Windows update & Windows defender disable long ago. ;D
Are you talking about this?

W11? they're copy Gnome desktop, Ubuntu and POPOS layout. That's why I hate Gnome DE desktop it's ugly and most alienate hard to adapt to windows users and I don't understand why many windows users are ignorant believe popular distro fanboys BS. After I discovered Xfce it pissed me off to realize that linux community hide Xfce easiest DE from us windows users. They hate & harass those make linux look like windows especiall Ubuntu & Gnome DE fanboyz they're tried to preach us linux is not windows and tried to use Gnome3 lure windows newbies to stop use windows users from use windows 7 layout which annoy us windows users who realize Gnome3 is ugly. But thanks to Clem made Cinnamon, Mate Desktop with Mint distro to get out of Ubuntu ugly flagship iso with Gnome DE shenanigans. But wait up not all Ubuntu are rubbish Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate they're good ones as Mint Cinnamon/Mate/Xfce DE easier than Ubuntu. This is why I use Xfce on linux I got W7 theme and aero glass well fit with Xfces desktop than Cinnamon.