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Started by Goujer, November 20, 2023, 12:32:58 PM

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Goujer (she/her)

As some of you users may know the site has had a TON of vandalism recently.

I am not much of one for kicking a hornet's nest, but I think that the hornets are already pretty pissed.
I think this is important because I believe the culprit to be an individual who is a large part of the OS-tan Community especially on sites besides this one.
I believe the culprit is the reddit user WindowsME04 also know as Sinclair-Speccy and Tasha04. (I will refer to her as "Tasha" from here out)
This is not an accusation I make lightly, and I have evidence to support it; for convenience I will be breaking up this post into multiple sections.

She has done the following:
  • Blanked out Wiki pages.
  • Replace wiki pages with what looked to be AI generated text spam.
  • Replace wiki page links with links that lead to either gay porn, scat porn or bestiality videos.
  • Deleted user's User: wiki pages.
  • Uploaded the following to the gallery: Gay Porn, scat porn and bestiality (a lot of bestiality).
  • The following usernames have also been used on the Gallery and Forum:
Spoiler: ShowHide
ModsGey, ModsGay, modsfuckkids, jewfucker, farmnigger, banmeagainandyouareafag, ModsAreAutisticRetards, AutismIsFake, ModsAreHomophobic, IfYouBanMeYouAreAFaggot, Cotton picker, FaggotKiller

Why was Tasha originally banned?
Tasha was given a lot of lenience over the years and I blame myself for that, but the reason she remains banned is the following.
  • They sabotaged the OS-tan Redux wiki (another OS-tan site), leading to a perma-ban from that site, they were not banned from OS-tan Collections for this at the time. But in hindsight that is reason enough to ban someone.
  • As a minor less than 18 years old, she brought up porn topics numerous times and was given multiple warnings on such topics.
  • Disappeared, blocked everyone and would edit old messages on Discord and pin them to communicate cryptic messages without follow up about my moderators being pedophiles.

In the wave of spam on the wiki and gallery I have banned every account that has posted the spam and every IP address used by said accounts.
As this has gone on for so long the list of banned accounts and IPs was quite high.
However one IP on the gallery from Australia has almost 300 ban trigger hits vs the typical 0-2 the other ban triggers have. This IP is also the only IP that is not marked as from a proxy or VPN.
I figured this was the spammers main IP and I duplicated the ban to the Forum and Wiki with the ban reason of "Vandalism".

I have been in contact with a Discord account named "Boose56" for a while who claimed to be a friend of Tasha's, I now believe the account to be Tasha themself.
For the most part they were interested in reporting the inappropriate actions of now former moderators of the site and getting content Tasha put on the site deleted.
When discussing with this account the recent onslaught of spam they told me "[Tasha] told me she tried to check the forums and was mistakenly banned for vandalism; she doesn't even have an account".
The only ban with the note of "Vandalism" was the one with the single IP that I copied from the gallery, and without an account it had to be an IP ban.
Ergo the IP in question belongs to Tasha.
The included chat log also shows the two faced nature Tasha has, they claim Tasha does not care about OSC, but is practically demanding to be unbanned.
This lying about IPs not being correct is also mimicked by this thread here.
I will include a screenshot of the DMs pertaining to this evidence in the attachments.

Just today I installed on the Wiki an extension that lets sysops see the IP addresses of users.
Three accounts were marked as used by Tasha's IP.

I have checked with multiple IP info sites and registries the validity of the IPs used for the spam and they are all VPNs or Proxies except for one, that one being Tasha's.

I and one recently made moderator are the only active users of this site, it's dead as hell, no one comes here besides the occasional wiki reader and gallery viewer.
I keep this site around because I had fun on it back in 2008 while looking at pretty JPEGs.
The level of obsession with trashing a little website sitting in the corner of the internet with no active users is astounding.
The timing of Boose56 contacting me and the fact that Tasha's IP has been see multiple times is too great to be a coincidence.
I already know a lot of people in the wider OS-tan community hate me based off of how many of them already have me blocked on Twitter, but this is your moderator, this is your admin.
Do you really think someone who has downloaded images of people molesting animals for any reason is a good person?
No matter how much she says otherwise this evidence suggests she will proudly trash a website she hates and despises while acting innocent and like she did nothing wrong.
She hides behind excuses lies and shifts blame.
This is Tasha04.

Goujer (she/her)

Person who smears scat and bestiality all over website calls person who called her out for it unprofessional.

Hālian He/him