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Wiki Standards

Started by Goujer, November 29, 2023, 11:31:51 AM

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Goujer (she/her)

The Wiki is used as both an archive of details for OS-tans and is also a place for creative writing for computery Gijinkas
There has not always been a set guide for the wiki but this is an attempt at one that is free for criticism and feedback.
The current Wiki pages do not follow these guidelines but I will be looking to make the older pages fit to the new standards.

Wikipages can be roughly organized into a few different types which I will attempt to explain my idea for:

OS/Application/Hardware/etc. Pages:
  • These pages should contain should contain detailed info about the thing that multiple characters are based upon.
    If there is only one character for a said thing the details of this page may be placed on the character's page
  • Pages like this should typically be Category: pages if there are multiple characters for the said thing.
  • These pages should be more factual than anything of fiction. That said do not be afraid to add fun trivia and interesting facts or rumors, as long as you label the information as such and site sources.

Character Pages:
  • Character pages will have basic info about the operating system and detailed info about what seems to be the general collective view of the character. The good example would be how multiple artists have drawn 95-tan with a sword, so explaining her as skilled with a sword makes sense.
  • Character pages need to have categories given to them.
    Saseko for example would have [[Category:Microsoft]] [[Category:Windows]] [[Category:Windows XP]] [[Category:OS-tan]] added to the end of her page's code.
  • Character pages do not need to be for characters with multiple artists depicting them. If there is a -tan/-kun/other that someone has created as an OC or mascot for an relevant thing they are welcome to have pages as well.
    Even characters without art are welcome.
  • Naming:
    • If it is believed that the name of a character alone would cause confusion to a random reader, then the creating artist's name, the group that made the character or the title of the creative writing project the character was made for, should be appended to the page name, example: "99-tan (Super Win World 64)".
    • If two characters have the same name then both characters will need an append, example: "Seven-Chan (Futaba Channel)" and "Seven-chan (Wataba Channel)".
  • You should also include a See Also: section that links to a higher category of such as "Saseko" linking to "Windows XP", any expansion pages made for the character should also be linked.

Expansion Pages:
  • Sometimes in the creative process for world building or in a written work there is a need to add details and lore to a pre-established character, example: ME-tan.
    Since certain details may not part of the main establishment basis of the character an expansion page can be made.
  • This helps keeps the main character pages focused on the well established a produced depictions that the character has.
  • This page will probably greatly mimic main the character page itself but this allows a lot of creative freedom to do whatever you want with the character without adding potentially confusing or conflicting info to the main page.
  • This should shine best when multiple people are writing works about the same characters.
  • These pages should belong to the category "<character name> expansion"

These are what I believe to be good starting guidelines for the Wiki structure.
I'm sure there are plenty of good exceptions to be made here.
If anyone has any feedback or comments I would greatly appreciate it.

Hālian He/him

I suggest having separate namespaces for different fanons, or alternatively a single Fanon: namespace where people can put stuff under Fanon:$USERNAME/$CHARACTER or whatever.

Goujer (she/her)

Quote from: Hālian on December 06, 2023, 10:24:29 PMI suggest having separate namespaces for different fanons, or alternatively a single Fanon: namespace where people can put stuff under Fanon:$USERNAME/$CHARACTER or whatever.

Hmm, I like that idea in many ways, but it lessens the discoverability for such things, which is a bit sad.
Perhaps we could add a Category page for written works exclusive to the wiki. So people can find it. We could title it "Wiki stories" or "Wiki Projects" something along those lines.

Goujer (she/her)

I got what I think to be a pretty baller idea for the writing stuff.
Instead of "fanon" and all that crap, we have a "universe" namespace for people to write their stuff in!
Fanon kinda sucks as a label, because there isn't really a canon anyway.

We could also shift the idea from expansions to alternate versions by using a "universe:Windows_95_(MyCoolUniverseName)" if certain stories people are writing make sense that way.