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Started by Fedora-Tan, October 19, 2017, 03:47:05 AM

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UPDATE 29-03-2020 :

In answer to recent demands on this topic, the files are not available anymore as the site has been transfered and taken care of.

It is therefore normal that they are not freely reachable.


Original post :

OK now the participation really dropped to a level i cannot uphold anymore...

1/ Public archives will be made available for all

I will very soon put public archives of :
- Wiki
- Gallery
- Forum

-- removed by FT --

Everyone will be able to download and eventually continue the ostan-collections adventure if / where he / she wants.

Those archives will be personal-data-free in order to respect the privacy of members. In other words, all accounts are going to be removed from those public databases.

I decided to do it this way, to respect the way i was given this website in the first place : everyone should be able to keep content for free, ever.

That is for the public part.

2/ Complete databases

Now i offer the possibility to whoever wants, to giveaway (for free) the actual complete databases with credentials. This is more in case someone wants to continue running the site elsewhere as-is. Of course this cannot be given publicy, therefore i demand that this person is "elected" by the community.

Regardless of someone taking it or not, the public archives will be available anyway.

3/ Domain name

Concerning the domain name, i will drop it as already said, in the event you want to have it please contact me directly, but unlike the rest i won't give it away for free as it involves more time and management to transfer it from my side. I would suggest that another domain is picked, as transfering a domain is a hassle sometimes. I will ask 200€ to whoever wants to have the domain transfered, mostly because tbh i don't want to do it - sry about that :) . This doesn't include any fees from new domain host. Like i said, better take a new domain if someone wants to go this way.

Domain Expiration Date: 01-dec-2017

4/ Final word

I was given the site years ago, in other circumstances, i kept it free despite paying for nearly everything - thanks to those who participated !!! - Now life brings me elsewhere, and this site is not part of it anymore. I liked being part of your community, and hope this decision will satisfy everyone :)

Thanks !


i learned some valuable life lessons from you guys here
i don't regret my time here
add me on facebook if you want to keep in touch (Morgen Azure Ochin)

love you all


I've done the public archive for Gallery (was the easiest...), here you are :
- Gallery (snapshot 20-oct-2017) : -- removed by FT --

Also updated previous post.

Login : ostan
Password : collection

Of course you need to host files somewhere even if it's local. For the record i was using MariaDB (Mysql fork) and Apache.
Should you not want / not be able to host, I tried to make files available without database they are in "_data/i/galleries" folder.

Config is minimal, as there is only database config in "local/config/database.inc.php" file. Please change password if you put it live elsewhere !!

This is the final version, henceforth the gallery is now offline.

Please tell me if you encounter problems.

Goujer (she/her)

Domain name aside what would the cost of running the site be?



It depends on the host. I'd say a few bucks with current visits. At this stage it's no more a € problem for me, it's just i want to freshen my life and that includes not dealing with websites anymore :) (so if website is half unused, it's less headache of course)

if you want to host it i guess you can find hosts around 5-10 bucks a month, the principal problem would be the gallery because of nudity and it's still moderately big. The forum / wiki only is piece of cake as it is minimal size whatsoever.

What's the idea behind the question ?


<wrong move with database, all changes from 2am - noon are lost... i don't think there were any...>


Please find all archives on : -- removed by FT --
It'll be easier than dealing with post updates :p



Done with forum.

Here are files available :

-- removed by FT --

It is the final snapshot, any changes to the site, forum, wiki, galery will not be updated in those archives.

Hope it helps... :)


Now the timeline :

-> 1/ Made archives available : Done
-> 2/ Giveaway of full db with private data : Before end of november, else it'll be permanently deleted. Note that it is perfectly possible to restart from public archives.
-> 3/ Shutdown of ostan-collections.net : 20th of november (it'll leave a couple days to leave a placeholder before final shutdown)

Goujer (she/her)

I was thinking maybe an Amazon service, but if domain name is expensive enough a domain name change might be warranted. I also don't know what's options are avaliable outside of Amazon.


It's ok i don't especially want to make money on that, if you can't afford this much i'm ok to lower the price.

I think domain transfers are prohibited on last month before their expiration so if anyone is interested please tell if fast (like, in coming days).

1st come, 1st served.

Goujer (she/her)

I'm more concerned with the monthly/yearly cost of the domain name. I'm trying to piece together a cost and see if that's within my budget.


If the registrar is not a fraud, it should cost between 10€ and 15€ for a year.
Below, it's suspicious. Over, it's robbery.


Expiration Date: 01-dec-2017

Please tell me if you want to get it, before 01-nov-2017. After it'll be too late.