State of the Site (Winter 2017)

Started by Bella, January 28, 2017, 02:38:38 PM

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Hello friends, I just wanted to give an update:

As you probably recall, early last summer, Fedora-Tan talked about closing OS-tan Collections. There was a subsequent discussion about changing the ownership and/or management of OSC, with both Kraus and I stepping forward as possible candidates. However, this never happened and OSC was kept online. I assumed the situation had, at least for the time being, been worked out.

I got a part time job in May the the distraction of that and various other life things pulled me away from OSC. I would lurk on occasion and seeing it chug along as normal (which is to say slowly, but still active) I felt I wasn't really necessary here ... and so my lurking got a little less frequent, my check-ins fewer and farther between. But never totally gone; OSC always meant too much for me to leave entirely.

Earlier this month, I was shocked and saddened to hear that OSC had gone offline. I immediately took action to contact Fedora-Tan and re-extend my offer to take over OSC. We talked for awhile, and after finding out I was in between web hosts he suggested having me admin the site while he continues to host it, an offer I took him up on. This is where we are now.

My thanks to Fedora-Tan for making this possible and all the other wonderful people I've had the privilege to meet here throughout the years. :)

Long live OSC!


I just notified Aurora on dA that the site's back. Someone might want to PM her on here, just in case she doesn't get my message (TBH, it was her dA journal post that informed me that the site was gone in the first place; I stopped lurking here because nobody was around anymore)


With Bella taking care of the thing, i think osc is safe for a while. Thanks and don't hesitate to check with her if you have any suggests / ideas. Thanks to her o/


I'm having a problem where if I open a thread, the page never finished loading.  Everything seems to work, but Firefox still has the spinner on the tab.  Other pages on the forum are fine, though.
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Quote from: Red-Machine on January 29, 2017, 10:51:58 AMI'm having a problem where if I open a thread, the page never finished loading.  Everything seems to work, but Firefox still has the spinner on the tab.  Other pages on the forum are fine, though.

What browser are you on? I've also been having this issue on Firefox, but not Chrome.


Firefox.  But it seems to have miraculously stopped.
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I'm glad to see an awesome place like this be reinvigorated by two passionate members. Long live OSC~


I'm sorry I stopped lurking. like Bells, life got in the way (big time, some earth-shaking events have been going on, and as a result I currently have no less than 4 empty cardboard boxes in here to be used for moving purposes), but my love for the site burns eternal. I reset my homepage to this, which hopefully will keep me around!!

consequently, though, should we consider backups for the gallery and whatnot?
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It's started doing the thing again where threads never finish loading.  Seems to rear its head every once in a while.
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Dr. Kraus

Seems as time goes on we all lurk less and less.
It would be nice to keep this nest together a while longer though as most of us have been here for quite some time.
I have spoken to Bella about the hosting and offered my assistance when needed.

If transfer of the host happens and I can help in some way I will be there.

Glad to see the site is still up in one piece!


If donations were a thing, I wouldn't at all mind sending you guys money for the site... after all, it's like a second home to many.


I think hosting problem is solved, as long as we agree there is an active admin around. I don't mind hosting osc if the site is active or that at least someone cares about it.

Help is always useful, but more than donations (which are always welcome of course), it's activity we need to make osc live.