What do you do if linux distro that you love disapprove os-tans?

Started by Ghost Member, November 07, 2017, 03:39:48 PM

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Ghost Member

I've seen some poor souls wandering around to Mint forum an ask about os-tans mascot
& got reject completely even worst he got witch hunt by whole mint forum users.

I'm glad, I'm not their distro fan being a fan of distro that are anime haters would be torment unrequited love.
So... what should we do with linux os-tans from now on? Should we continue our fan made only in anime zones.
Or we should never make it to respect them? I do aware that some ppl can't even exact what's the differences between fanmade stuffs & stuffs for official. OP was done the wrong move to ask to make official mascot. Since os-tans true conception was made by anime communities which have nothing to do with official os itself, isn't it?

Seems whole regular linux distro forum communities aren't aware linux os-tans community actions at all.
Is it the true reason why we can't fill their os-tans distro profile recklessly?

Goujer (she/her)

Somebody make Linux Mint-tan with the face of an older woman and the body of a child.


I'm just a guy who uses Arch Linux, wears trenchcoats, and loves girls who are tomboys.

Goujer (she/her)