Removal of some profile fields - feedback?

Started by Pitkin, September 02, 2015, 04:31:27 AM

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@pitkin: oooo, that's a really cool idea. like, you have to post 10 times before you can see others' contact details. i hope it can work. :0
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Pox on the rights management. :/

I tried and I don't see any way to have a post-count-based membergroup have different permissions from other post-count-based membergroups. -.- I expected it to be a basic setting and nothing else: with 0-9 posts no access to some advanced actions, from 10 onwards anything goes. Yeah, right.

I'll leave the FB out for now, unless you wish to have it anyway. A bit too awkward for privacy, in my opinion. Alternatively, we could naturally have a hidden board (like Hentai used to be), where membership would be granted manually, and where people could post all their contact details they want... still, it'd all be in clear text and only need some asshole to come and leak the information everywhere for it to turn into a potential nightmare. Not a very good idea either, I believe.

Meanwhile, in a secret room: I added a favorite OS field to the profile. It's in free text, so everybody can fill whatever they want in there, if they want. :)


heh, thanks Pit. and until that can be implemented, good call on skipping FB. :\
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