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Started by Fedora-Tan, August 20, 2015, 05:06:45 PM

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Yo -

I put a theme for mobile devices, should switch on that automatically if you're using one.
Tell me if it works like intended.


It appeared to be working, as it did look different when I first loaded it...and then I logged in. The login page is the same as desktop, and when logged in, it displays like it does on desktop.

Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1.2, tested from:
- Firefox Mobile 40.0
- Google Chrome 44.0


Seems different on IE11 for Windows Phone. Like a lightweight version of the site.
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working here. basically looks like a directory, no pictures sans background. is that correct?
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keeps switching on to forum view on chrome and Android 4.?


Thanks for the feedback. I'll dig a bit more into it and come back with a more universal version a bit later (probably not sooner than september). Currently i think there are too much odd behaviours to just leave it like that.

Currently, i removed the auto-switch, you can still use it manually - it's just a new theme in your profile.

Also, i think i can find a better looking mobile one too.


oh, i forgot to mention browser i viewed it from; iOS 8.4.1's Safari. dunno what version of Safari that is. :0
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interesting, i see you also changed the new post icon, i like it!

i'll view from mobile and report back

edit: it seems to only work when you're logged out on your phone.
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i like the new icons (super cute, fits the site), but would it be too much to ask that you make the "new posts" icon a smidge bolder? i had a hard time seeing that there were new posts at first since they look so close. :0
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Yeah; it is better than it was while I was helping Pit make sure it was working, but it could be a bit easier to see; like maybe pull on one of the darker colors from the dividers to make it stand out more, without looking out of place. I can make a mock-up later, before work; to give her an idea what I'm talking about

EDIT: Here's a quick mock-up I made, to show what I'm thining about (Pulling one of the darker blueish-gray colors from the divider and using that for the "new posts" indicator


dude, yeah, that's exactly what i mean. :0
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I'll try to improve the visibility next week. The one-pixel shade should probably disappear from the inactive icon as well. Thanks for the feedback, all!


Not working for me, but that's probably because I'm using the non-Chromium based browser on my phone.


@Pit: Sounds good to me :3