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Started by NejinOniwa, June 29, 2015, 04:41:07 PM

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*muffled noise in the distance*
[laziness to make a screenshot and upload it intensifies]

Okay, let's give it up for the 2015 Summer Season, AKA the reason why I had to spend all of spring looking for new manga to read because they just adapted every single fucking series I'm reading right now (or so it feels).

So without further ado...
Editor's Choice:
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - I recently marathoned the entire manga this is based on, and it was tasty as fug. Highly recommended for your daily dose of feels and cute apothecaries. And handsome princes, I suppose.
GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri - THIS SERIES THIS SERIES THIS SERIES THIS SERIES THIS SERIES THIS SERIES was translated by /AK/ Translations, recipients of the Good Taste Award and Proper Rifle Maintenance Award. Just fucking watch it you faggots, it's not every day you can get your fill of hot tank-on-dragon action. Even elves seem to be rare these days. Either way, one can sum this series up as, "Outbreak Company, with additional warfare". Lots of it. Prepare for awesomeness, this is my *TOP PICK OF THE SEASON* by far.
Himouto! Umaru-chan - Okay, the original manga spends half the time being so deformed you can barely even call it chibi anymore. But that's also half the fun, so I guess, well, yeah. Will be interesting to see how it is done. Fun times ahead, also cute girls doing cute things. Beware of capitalism, though.
Jitsu Watashi Wa - Not every one knows how to make a well-functioning vampire series. Quite possibly the author of the original manga suffered from the same problem, but it seems he also was quite proficient at thinking outside of the box. Solution: add werewolves. Wait, everyone else already does that? Okay, add demons. Still a bit stale though, so let's add angels too. Perverts, too, while we're at it. Dangerous perverts. But no, we're still missing something...oh, what's that? Time travelers and aliens? THIS SOLVES EVERYTHING. Now, let's top it off with the most over-the-top and hilarious gags in this world and the next, and you're in for one hell of a ride.
Overlord - Good naming sense aside, we've seen the base plot of this one before; but do not make the mistake of thinking this is just yet another Game World Turns Into Reality series. This time, we're the bad guys. Maybe. I think. At least, he looks like one, and frankly the manga hasn't progressed far enough for me to make a decent judgement here (I think the original is an LN). Either way, it's good. Watch it.
Much Appreciated Sequels:
Durarara!!x2 Ten - I haven't actually watched the first part of the new Second Season (Shou, which aired in winter), but I did rewatch most of the first season during spring, and it's a good run. When I've got time, this one's a pick.
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz! - All the good parts of the Fate series, all the extra good parts of the (somewhat whimsy) spin-off, and none of the super-cereal grimdarkness that the original suffers from. Saberfags pls leaf.
Non Non Biyori Repeat - In case you still don't have diabetes...well. Time for your yearly checkup, I guess.
To-Love Ru Darkness 2nd - I'm not quite sure why I like this stupidly overt and raunchy harem series, honestly. I think I'll need to investigate it more to make sure no funny business is going on while I'm not looking.
Working!!! - The naming scheme for this series has always confused me. !! was the first season, !!' the second, and now at last we have !!! as the third? Did they plan this all along?
Everything else:
title related.

There's a few odd shots in there that I'll likely pick up if they make some noise on the tubes, but this is all I have for the first week, at least.
Take it away, friends.



akagami no shirayuki-hime
gakkou gurashi! ?
junjou romantica 3
jitsu wa watashi wa ?
joukamachi no dandelion ?
non non biyori ?
shimoneta to iu gainen ga sonzai shinai taikutsu na sekai
sore ga seiyuu ?
ore monogatari


kurayami santa
makura no danshi (*nosebleeds*)
million doll
miss monochrome the animation ?
okusama go seitokaicho!
suzakinishi  the animation
wooser no sono higurashi


bakemono no ko
tamayura: sotsugyou shashin part 2: hibiki
kokoro ga sakebitagatterun da.
sinbad: sora tobu hime to himitsu no shima ?


bishoujo senshi sailor moon: crystal 2 (need to get rest of 1)
kamisama hajimemashita
hetalia: the world twinkle
shouwa genroku rakugo shinjuu: yotarou-hen
mujaki no rakuen
yankee-kun na yamada-kun to megane-chan to majo (i want the manga of this)
yuru yuri nachuyachumi!+

some of these i'm getting because i already have the earlier seasons, but that's less out of obligation and more because i actually like it. there's one or two on the list where i'd need to track down the first season as well. :0
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As for now, Gangsta and Gate are my choices from this season. The former because it just feels cool, and the latter because the whole "modern military vs. fantasy army" concept sounds fun if done well. Possible other picks will come as the new stuffs arrive.


post about how Gate turns out. i'm expecting it to be seas of boobs, but if it's not, then i may give it a glance. :\
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Why would you expect that? It's about guns, not boobs. Heck, I don't think there was a single boob anything in the entire first episode.

Sure, when the female MCs come into play later on there may be some, depending on how close they stick to the source. Still, that's a pretty unfair expectation.


I think it's more of a "better safe than sorry" mentality. After all, they can mess things up, but for now, let's hope for the best.


it's unfair, but it's also unfair that no matter how good a synopsis may seem, Japan will likely try to hide a harem behind it.

i've been disappointed far too many times to NOT be cautious. :\
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Aw shit, Gate got an anime?  Well at least I'll have something to watch.


Is it any good? I'm starved for good new animu. I'll take anything at this point!



Well, the first episode didn't really give much to work with, simply because the stuff that's easier to screw up hasn't come into play story-wise yet. But from what I can see, there's only improvements - most importantly the production values are sky high compared to the often mediocre art quality of the manga.

A Harem? Well, not really. Yes, there is one male MC who's the locus for several important female characters plot-wise. But even so there's not really anything in that direction to be gotten, and besides any romance is very much tertiary as far as development goes (unless the anime veers REALLY off track). IIRC there's a healthy spread of any affections that abound (apart from the girl who's literally a psycho, and the girl who's got PTSD issues up the ass), so I wouldn't worry.

Either way, contender #2 for AOTS has made a STRONG showing. Overlord is fucking glorious, and also comes equipped with the best OP/ED (yes, both) of the season. Well, I guess the Working!!! OP is really good too, but it's pretty hard to compare those...
So yeah, if you've got nothing else this season, GATE and Overlord should be strong items on your list. Akagami for third place? Hard to say this early but I'm pretty hype tbh. No harems there for sure, at least.

In all honesty I wouldn't have much of a problem with harems if they were 1: well executed and 2: actually executed and not just cocktease 24/7 until either SURPRISE, NOTHING HAPPENS or NOW ONE OF US HAS TO DIE ensues. In fact, I rather desire to see one - if simply because it's so elusive to encounter, as a literary mechanism. I don't think I've seen anyone actually do it properly and fulfill it since Elayne-Min-Aviendha+Rand in Wheel of Time, to be honest (aside from in actual hentai, but that doesn't really count now does it).


i'd have less of a problem with harem anime if they were more up-front about it. don't dangle an interesting-sounding plot synopsis in my face and then think you can make up for your shitty writing skills with BOOOOOOBS. >>;
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You know, one of the things I love about Negima, was how they did the opposite: it starts out looking like a generic harem anime...and then it becomes more action-y, with better writing -w-


yeah, Negima is where Akamatsu finally realized he couldn't get by writing strictly harem series forever. :\
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