2014 Sprung My Trap Card Season Anime

Started by NejinOniwa, March 25, 2014, 09:40:31 PM

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(Beware, crappy chart ahead - check the anichart.net website for better look)

I don't like this season.

I digged the Break Blade movies real big, so that'll be fun, I guess.
Soul Eater can be noice, though I never watched the original to finish.
NoGameNoLife might be interesting. If we're lucky.
SHAFT always makes interesting things. Mekaku City Actors will be given a shot.
A few interesting specials spread about.

But there's so much shit


You're not excited for the new season of Mushishi?

I'd also at least give Captain Earth a try just because of nostalgia for Eureka Seven.
But wow, does that name suck.
Gonna watch Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to because the manga's hilarious.

Manga of Soul Eater Not is pretty meh.


Looking forward to No Game No Life.
Maybe Magica Wars.
And Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC V.


akuma no riddle sounds like some very angry yuri, but i don't think it interests me much (too melodramatic).
bokura wa minna kawaisou looks like the most normal thing here, plus it just looks adorable, so i'm in.
brynhildr in the darkness......MAYBE. maybe. >>;
mangaka-san to assistant-san to looks interesting enough so i'll give it a shot.
no game no life is a big fat maybe and tbh i'd only go for it if it looks tasty late in the season and i was like, "why didn't i watch this from the start?"
mekaku city actors looks interesting, but i get a bit wary of things based off vocaloid songs. Black Rock Shooter was interesting, but how can you extend one song into a whole concept....?
soul eater not is love. i loved the manga, i loved the original series, i am totes in.

otherwise, i guess i should count myself lucky that i can spend this season catching up.
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Magica Wars might be interesting, but all I'm likely to follow immediately is Soul Eater Not


I've read the first few chapters of Akuma no Riddle's manga series.  It was alright.  Not great.  Not good enough to stay on the reading roster.

It might earn a few episodes worth of watching though if it moves faster then the manga.  Also might give the mandatory sports anime of the season a glance even though volleyball isn't really that interesting.


They had volleyball and tennis, take your pick.

Also, thanks for the heads up on AnR. Didn't look super-fantastic, anyway.
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